Lipstick drama

By Anonymous - 06/11/2009 17:50 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of three years broke up with me because she found a lot of red lipstick on my neck. The red lipstick was from her lipstick because she came over in the middle of the night when she was really drunk, then left. She refuses to listen to me. FML
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perstephane 4

Amen - go get one who isn't crazy. Or, at least one who's less crazy.


perstephane 4

Amen - go get one who isn't crazy. Or, at least one who's less crazy.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Exactly, if shes getting drunk and doesnt remember kissing her boyfriend, who else could she have kissed and not remembered..

Holy shit, that's a good point. Yikes. Wouldn't feel too bad, OP.

mackenzieex3 0

agreed. you don't need her op.

Just Move Along without her, then she'll see what a mistake she has made dumping you over such bullcrap.

LOL yep your life sucks, bet seriously if she's such an idiot then your better without her, better now than if you were married, then you'd have to give her half your possesions.

haha, I agree, but not all women, lets not be sexist here.

perdix 29

Guess what, dude? That's not the real cause. Proving that it is her lipstick should be an easy exercise. Either you have become fat and boring or she is boning another guy, or both. Find out the real cause of your break-up and come back to see whether WE agree that YL is F'ed.

No, she's a drunken idiot, end of story. Really, what kind of post is this? People like you exist?

Pfft! He is probably right. Actually, maybe she thought she went to the other guy's house that night. Ah, the plot thickens!

perdix 29

Shadic, you're the idiot. I hope you have alcohol to blame. If you've ever been in a relationship, you must have only been the dumpee. When someone decides that they need to get out of a relationship, any excuse will suffice. You don't end a three-year relationship that is otherwise healthy because of an accusation that is so easily dismissed. Something else was going on. Instead of slamming me, you should be learning from this. Don't get fat, because you are already boring.

Reyo 2

Perdix...shut the hell up. I was waiting for someone to come to the female's aid. It always happens. He said "She refuses to listen to me." which tells me he's TRIED to reason with her. The problem: SHE'S A DRUNKEN IDIOT! She probably remembered 5 seconds after blowing up at him and is too arrogant to admit fault.

I don't think that's really "coming to the female's aid" - I mean everyone here probably sees that this chick is a dumb drunken bitch. But it is entirely likely that he had either given her cause to suspect him of cheating before (to flip out over something as simple as red lipstick) or she was looking for excuses to get out of a dying relationship. That said, to the OP: your only regret in this relationship should be that you didn't break up with her first.

Perdix your a failure Now go to bed FYL

Bullshit. You're being a moron. You accuse me of being boring because I'm backing the guy being dumped? Gasp, I don't suspect every single stupid breakup in history has happened before of prior circumstances! Shit happens. And as far as my personal life? I've only been the "Dumper," after two and a half years. So yes, fear my utter inexperience in this area. Oh wait! The woman in this scenario looks to be a drunken idiot. You honestly believe drunken idiots are so rational that they need to pull off some convoluted plan such as this to break up with their significant other? Yes, there's a chance that she's been boning some guy. There's also large chance that she's just a complete ******* idiot. You know, like how you're a jackass.

justjayit 0

None of you have enough information from this short FML to have any basis for arguing, so shut up. There's a good chance the girl was desperate to leave him for one reason or another and faked being drunk. There's also a good chance she really is a jealous, drunken idiot. Damn, you're all retarded.

Canteloupe 0

Perdix was JOKING. Why is everyone ganging up on him?

Because this "community" is so god-damned brain-dead the chances of something like this being genuine are semi-high. That said, I've wasted too much time on it either way.

F all your lives for being to dense to catch on to a joke. Perdix is prolly the funniest guy commenting on this site, and if any of you half-wits read other comments on other and have the skill to put two and two together you could probably conclude that this was another of Perdix's JOKES. Shadic, you sir, need to lighten the **** up stop taking shit so seriously. Now that that's over keep making your jokes Perdix, it's one of the reasons I still come here :P

Hello?? Perdix may be right. It makes a lot of sense to me. To break up just for that is ridiculous! What's with all the hostility towards him??? He is F'kn witty and very entertaining!! :D Honestly, this site would be quite boring without his comments. I can't say the same for many people

ScooterScott 0

Shadic, you are hereby banished from the ways of humor, Average Living, and Walmart. Begone foul troll!

By the sound of it, she's a **** anways. I'm glad it's over with her.

This is not a FYL - it's a blessing in disguise. You found out she's a psycho sooner rather than later. She needs to get dumped like a bag of dirt.