By DopeDickDover - 26/10/2015 15:50 - United States

Today, at school, a cute girl kept glancing up at me, giggling, and looking away as soon as I looked at her. So naturally I walked up to her and asked if she wanted to go out sometime. She said she didn't like me, she was just laughing at how big a zit was on my forehead. FML
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whatarethisss 23

She sounds like an immature teenager.

Tell her you made a bet with some friends that you lost and that your punishment was to ask her out. That'll knock her down a peg.


whatarethisss 23

She sounds like an immature teenager.

whatunicorn 17

Agreed ^ OP you dodged a bullet there!

He's a teenager. When you're a teenager sometimes you get zits you can't simply 'take care' of.

Sounds like half the teenagers in my school

Seriously OP?? Are you in middle school ? She looks at you and laughs so you just walk up to her and casually ask her if she would like to go out ? I understand if you were trying to flirt or joke around but if you were serious YDI

Exactly. You know they are really into you when they start screaming in terror and running away. That's how I got my girlfriends. Just make sure to carry extra rope.

Right, OP should have waited until - say, prom to ask her out. Or maybe during a fire drill. Smh.

don't hate cuz the guy is trying, you never know with women, we are complex beings

Asking a cute girl out sure beats wallowing in misery because you don't have the guts to approach anyone. It's not like he was crass or inappropriate about it.

I see no problem with it? Most girls expect boys to ask then out rather than them doing it but when a boy does after thinking she was interested he's wrong for doing it? It's completely understandable that he thought she was interested, but obviously she was just a bitch.

mwali02 32

I agree with #61. You can try just about any pick up line on a girl that likes you and get a positive response. On the flip side, you could have the best line in the book, and a girl who couldn't care less still may not give you the time of day. In this case, the little tween girl was definitely rude, OP, but keep up the confidence. Guys will respect that, and the right girl will appreciate it. Good luck!!! :)

ChopSuey444 20

Personally I think OP is awesome for having the confidence to see a cute girl and just go for it. No one does that anymore.

Tell her you made a bet with some friends that you lost and that your punishment was to ask her out. That'll knock her down a peg.

Think he may have missed the chance on that one

demonicninja 15

It truly does. That happened to me.

liquifiednate 21

This reminds me of when I was in high school and some girl would constantly call me hideous or ugly and then one day I just about had enough and said, "you know I would argue with you but my mom told me ugly people have nothing to lose." And just like that she stopped making fun of me and we somehow became friends.

May I recommend proactive? Also she sounds really immature

That stuff doesn't work at all. You gotta get a prescription from your doctor

I had a chemical burn on my face after using that shit. I highly recommend NOT using it.

whatunicorn 17

You sound as immature as the girl he asked out.

Lol what does OP's hair have to do with a zit on his face?

Geckosrock99 33

If you mean fix his hair in such a way the zit can't be seen, that could make it worse. Especially if he has greasy hair.

a real pro could have gotten the digits...

A real pro would have made a decent comment.

you project yourself to be a complete douche...

Well if all the "real pros" are going after the immature girls like that, more power to them. Leaves the good girls for the rest of us.