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Today, my mom drove my family to the desert for a themed family photo. We had to wear big frumpy old western-looking clothes in 115 degree weather. Hot and agitated, I muttered, "This is the ugliest thing I've ever had to wear." My mom, looking hurt, replied, "That's my wedding dress." FML
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Why was her wedding dress desert themed?

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If you see an ugly baby and say "wow, look at that ugly baby" and someone says "that's my baby". Does that make it less ugly? The same with your mom's dress.


it's not your fault she has bad taste!

sugarbabyxoxo 2

I agree with kikiface! lol

Wow... what's with your dp

sugarbabyxoxo 2

lol I thought it would look cool.. so when I was tanning I took a picture lol.

It acually does look cool 

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thanks lol. I don't know why there's lines going across the screen though. lol. maybe the UV's messed with my phone or something lol.

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looks like avatar

Yer... just wonderin that.

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I haven't even seen that movie lmao it looks stupid isn't it in theaters or some shit or is it out.

ughh there should be a rule preventing gingers from posting comments

It's more likely that OP had bad taste, I'd trust 'old' fashion many times more than what girls tend to wear these days.

agreed #14, and one that prevents colorblind people from running their mouths

Lol. My mother commented to my older sister how she didn't like her bf cause "he's a ginger, last thing I want is a pale kid with no soul". Several days later she dumped him. She claims it was cause he was a "douche" but I like to think otherwise =)


#14 gingers kick ass!!

@14 and another rule prventing idiots like you from posting on FML also

sugarbaby needs to get some clothes on.

kiki completly wrong I just think the girl is a bitch

wait is this tanning girl naked? if so nice boobs

sugarbabyxoxo 2

lol obviously! hah you don't where clothes in a tanning bed ahaha

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#14, I love ginger girls. Though no offense to her, her hair looks dyed.

#90 my hair isn't red, my camera just saturates things weirdly. but even so it's dyed, and soon to be dyed again if people keep calling me a fucking ginger

A Lot more replies since I commented . Burger FTW...

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Can we call you a GP? Ginger Pussy. Go dye your hair now gp.

her hair doesn't look red at all.

WTF how is that possible?!

Why was her wedding dress desert themed?

Bet it wasn't white...

wedding was in the desert?

It doesn't say "desert themed" it says it was in the desert. My guess is it was "western themed" John Wayne style.

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If you see an ugly baby and say "wow, look at that ugly baby" and someone says "that's my baby". Does that make it less ugly? The same with your mom's dress.

That's her wedding dress? FYMum'sL is more like it.

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it was probably in style in it's day.

ohh shit fyl as if u would drive 2 the desert to take a photo

How did you not know what your mother's wedding dress looked like? Haven't you ever seen pictures of your parents' wedding?

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maybe She doesnt memorize all peoples clothes when she looks at pics

We're not talking about what shirt she was wearing on the 4th of June ten years ago. We're talking about a wedding dress ( which, if it was desert themed, should be fairly easy to remember) I've seen only a couple photos of my moms wedding but I'm pretty sure I'd be able to tell what it was if she pulled it out and told me to wear it. XD

Now just you wait till your family decides to do a mermaid style family portrait.

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lmao mermaid themed, that would b scary on many levels

u should ran to the car then drove home

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why are u wearing a freakin wedding dress in the desert

how did you not know what your mother's wedding dress looks like? have you never seen any of her wedding photos??

Not everyone pays that much attention to clothes. I don't know what my moms dress looks like either.