By Anonymous - 08/10/2012 22:27 - Canada - Truro

Today, my friends dared me to answer the door naked for the pizza guy. I heard the doorbell but when I answered, it was the little boy from next door participating in a fundraiser. FML
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I think you know you deserved that one...don't think the kid did though.

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He got to see the goods without even taking you to dinner first? Score 1 for he neighbor boy.


I think you know you deserved that one...don't think the kid did though.

What the hell did the poor pizza guy do to deserve seeing your sorry arse? Seriously dude. Time to get a new hobby or at the very least a dog!

unknown_user5566 26

26- I think the real question is what did the unsuspecting little boy do to deserve it?

perdix 29

#29, trust me, if the OP was even just mediocre-looking or better, that little boy will be grateful for life;)

Perdix, the Original Poster didn't state it's gender. So, do you think the little boy will still be grateful if it was a guy (I'm being sarcastic, yet, curious at the same time)?

I remember that there was an earlier FML about a pizza guy having to see three naked overweight teenagers with body acne in a row. I always wondered why they did it, guess now I know ... *shudders*

Did you not have a peep hole to see who the hell was at your door? And wtf - naked - at this time of year in NOVA SCOTIA?! YDI for taking the dare in the first place. There's always the word "no" in all languages !

What happened to looking out the window to see if the pizza guy was really there?

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He will definitely thank you for that in the future. Assuming he's not gay.

You are assuming that the OP is female? Nowhere it is mentioned that the OP is female?

I'm guessing OP is female. Guys don't really answer doors baked for pizza guys.

Plenty of people order pizzas while 'baked'! Haha.

gree_fml 11

I've answered the door for the pizza guy baked before

I answer the door for pizza guys baked all the ti..... wait you meant naked?.....

It was a dare. OP didn't say he/she was trying to seduce the pizza guy.

55 yeah ordering pizza while baked is very common ha

Yeah they do. When guys get the munchies from getting baked, they order pizza

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In a rush to get the first comment there, buddy?

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He got to see the goods without even taking you to dinner first? Score 1 for he neighbor boy.

unknown_user5566 26

My brain was moving faster than my fingers again. *the, not he.

nancyschmancy 9

How do you know op is a female?

unknown_user5566 26

17- I don't, and I don't believe I implied that in my comment. It wasn't gender specific.

I don't think guys really have "goods" lol

48, I agree with you. I believe they have "packages."

Since in my mind, I assumed female, I have the wierdest boner right now.

You said "neighbor boy". How is that not gender specific?

Misskayfoyer 14

95- she means not gender specific to the OP. the FML clearly states the neighbors gender, but not the OPs. So her comment didn't state the OPs gender either.

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The only reason 17 was thumbed straight down to the gates of hell is because one person did then the rest of the sheep followed suit. Smh.

bizarre_ftw 21

104 No, 17 was thumbed down because their comment had hints of homophobia

No and no. I believe he was thumbed down for lack of common sense. First of all, how many guy play truth or dare with each other unless with girls, and secondly, I highly doubt any guy would do that anyway because most delivery guys are males.

nancyschmancy 9

120- please enlighten me how my innocent question was homophobic?

You could make this up to the kid by donating towards the therapy he'll obviously require now

Mister_Triangle 21

It was a naked body, not the ******* holocaust. Why would he need therapy?

Something tells me #5 was being sarcastic..

Well, you and your friends are not normal.

iseyixes 18

People do crazy shit all the time, especially when a crowd of people egg them on.

-7 I have to agree. I dont think there's any better way to put it, other than OP is a moron, and totally deserved it.

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63- Make like Taylor Swift and never, ever get back together with that phrase.

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I have to agree with 46. OP is a perfectly normal human being, including the stupid.

He might be a moron for going to such an extreme but when I was with my friend and some girls, they put makeup on us and we talked really flamboyant when we answered the door for the pizza guy. It was just a prank and OP isnt alone in his quest to creep out the pizza guy. OP should've looked out a window or peephole or something though

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first of all, why wouldn't you check to see if it WAS the pizza guy? second, who is dumb and submissive enough to do something like that? YDI all the way

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Chris Hanson will be at your door next.

Hello, my name is chris haaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnmssssasseeeeeeennnnnnn

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Scarred? Poor kid? This kid will be coming by more often, I assure you.

Unless OP is a boy. The it's more of a "**** the little boy's life".

Whats with the lack of normal people on fml today? OP totally deserved it and the kid's life sucks.

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Seriously if seeing a naked body 'scarred the kid for life' then I'd say he already had issues

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What a handful of fund-raising for the kid.

I'm sure most little kids have seen a naked body on TV nowadays.

Wher I come from, doors have this awesome device you can look through to check who's at the door.

lou_knee 6

As an ex-pizza deliverer, I would like to say "Eww, don't answer the door naked. Your attention seeking is not a good thing"

I delivered pizza for 4 years on and off. So I know exactly what you mean. We get all varieties of people so adding "naked customer" to the list isn't needed.

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91- precisely my thinking. But then again what if she's a whale?

Misskayfoyer 14

91- what if its an ugly guy or a fat chick with butt acne? Or what if the pizza delivery person was female and so was the OP? There are all different kinds of scenarios, but in the end it doesn't matter. Answer the door with clothes on, that is the polite and sensible thing to do.