By Jill - 25/02/2010 01:26 - France

Today, a friend of mine commented that I "have a lot of confidence for a fat girl". Ummm... thanks? FML
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mama2b3 20

well at least u have confidence... still an ass

iSwag 0

This was funny...until it turned into English 101

SmellDaPurp 0

@iSwag.. forreal. me are gon typ lyk, ti's

SmellDaPurp 0

Also, you probly dont anymore. (referring to OP having alot of confidence)

lickmyjock 0

Why do fat girls give good head? Because they have to.

apparently in your case, confidence = false self-image

ydi for being fat and still hav a high self esteem. jk. you did not deserve that.

I was about to flame the shit out of you XD

Am I the only one who has a feeling that OP isn't even fat? The rude words sounds like something a super skinny person would say to someone who's at perfectly average weight to make them feel like shit.

GeorgeBoosh 0

No no no no! The OP justs needs to lose weight. Simple eh.

I've seen this FML before?? I'm sure it has been submitted previously, if not, very similar...

WorkThatButt 2

Baby, use that confidence and bitch slap that anorexic hoe, curves are beautiful honey

eat_this_buddie 5

^^agree. curvy women are beautiful.

sarcdude 3