By Anonymous - 24/08/2014 05:51 - United States - Hicksville

Today, my girlfriend sent me a bunch of sexy pics and said to come over to her place. I thought she was in the mood for sex. Nope, she just wanted me to come over and hang a shelf, after which she sent me back home. FML
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That was pretty shelfish in my opinion.

eaglerob 20

That's your future wife right there; embrace the chaos


I suck.

How very clever of her.

She knows which strings to pull

i guess she figured you'd rise to the occasion.

dance puppet dance!

something rose to the occasion, 42.

How dare she let him rise to tge occasion and then get all shelfish.

incoherentrmblr 21

You got stiff wood so she made you put up a shelf...

Like a boss

eaglerob 20

That's your future wife right there; embrace the chaos

It said no where OP was planning to marry her.

I think #2 was joking.

eaglerob 20

Ding ding ding

Sorry for killing your joke. Sometimes I don't really have a sense of humor.

icandothecancan 24

Probobly not the best site for you then...

That was pretty shelfish in my opinion.

LostInTheZone11 29

*Insert Cryptkeeper laugh here*

looks like op got left hanging

Yeah, he nailed something just not his girlfriend.

pwnman 33

Seems like she is using you for her home benefits...

captainclutch96 3

A lot of women can be manipulative like that

as well as men? lets not be sexist

hokie16 13

From what I've seen men are generally more manipulative when trying to get a woman, whereas women are the manipulative ones in relationships. There are exceptions to everything but I'm a woman and I have to say I have no problem with #5's statement. lol.

very true

captainclutch96 3

#61, I'm not being sexist. If I were being sexist, I would have said, "all women are manipulative." By saying "a lot of" instead of "all", I'm implying that I am not including all of the female race. Use context clues instead of being quick to assume things.

How selfish of her. That sounds like it could be quite a hang up in your relationship.

myoukei 31

You mean "shelfish"?

She's a keeper.

Drfucked 9

I read that shell fish And OP's girlfriend. Clever girl....

That was a little cruel. She should have at least given you some action before you left.

She doesn't owe him anything!!! If he doesn't say anything and just goes there with hope, then he diesn't "deserve" anything!!

She's brilliant. Keep her. Right now she's using her brilliance to get a shelf hung up, but she might have some other tricks up her sleeve for the sex later.

How much you wanna her she won't?

TheLostLegend 2

Did anyone else read it as bang a shelf?

nope sure didnt...we're not autistic nor blind.

I think you mean dyslexic.

55 is one of those people that have no idea what autism is, but think it's cool to call people autistic. They always end up looking stupid.

hes right. my bad.