By kittykittyrun - 18/06/2013 16:28 - Canada - Truro

Today, I cut my own bangs. I pulled too much hair to the front and ended up giving myself a mullet. FML
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I always cut my own bangs and they always look good, this time I just tried something new and watched a YouTube video and the girls hair looked amazing, but I just wasn't paying attention to how much I pulled forward, which I usually do, and ended up cutting off more than I should have. I don't regret doing it. Hair grows back and I'm not too worried.

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k_lylepad 19

Business in the front, party in the back!

Haven't you seen the video where the girl burns her hair off with a curling-iron? Never trust YouTube!


k_lylepad 19

Business in the front, party in the back!

I was just gonna post that xD you got there first

TheDrifter 23

The timeless styling of the west Virginia waterfall.

I think this could be a lot worse if it was a female who did it. Oh wait...

I did the same once, but it really wasn't too bad.

Bella1979 6

I just live your name, that's how my sister and I greet each other on the phone.

I don't think it's really noticeable if it falls back to the rest of your hair.

Cut yourself a mullet, then, and see for yourself

I meant there's no way she dragged ALL THE HAIR in the back, she should of realized. If not then that was just idiotic.

As someone who has mulleted myself on several occasions before learning how to trim my fringe properly, it's surprisingly easy to do. Just put your hair in a ponytail before you trim it next time, even if you get it way too short you won't be full Joe Dirt.

meaganxo 14

It's okay OP, we all have bad hair cuts at least once in our life!

Megan639 16

I cut my own hair. It saves a lot of money rather than going to the salon all the time and paying $14 minimum (where I live) - $20 including tips for getting a wash and cut. And I also can style it the way I want to, sometimes the stylist is off by inches and messes up your hair but you can't really complain since it's already been done. It's hair, it'll grow back.

Same here, I just don't trust the hairdressers - I know they're pros, but they can't read minds. I don't always get it perfect, but at least I can only blame myself. Although I prefer to go and pay for the colouring instead of doing it myself, that's just too much risk of destroying the hair.

I cut my own hair too, but something I've never understood is why people tip hairdressers? Where I live, a cut is $20+ and it's not uncommon to pay $40. A lot of the hairdressers I've gone to work by themselves from home but /still/ expect tips? What?? (side note- I am a female, sometimes my account shows that I'm male)

I tip my hairdresser for several reasons: she's been doing my hair for almost 30 years, she does a great job, and she pretty much charges me what she did when I first started going to her; for a color, wash, cut and blow dry I pay less than $30. So, no, I don't mind tipping her.

nnnope 26

34 - I'm guessing you don't tip your pizza guy, either. -_-

redmane 21

I'm a hair dresser and I cut my own hair. I don't trust anyone else with my hair. I color, cut and highlight myself. Even as a professional, I believe that if you want to save money, do it yourself. I only have business because I actually cut the amount they want off, not twice or three times as much like other hair stylists.

peachesncreem 21

I cut my own hair too sometimes. Mostly if my bangs are getting too long. It's definitely a good way to save money. It costs a minimum of $30 here (for women) to get their hair trimmed. Trimmed, not cut! Styling, colouring, highlights etc will cost you around $100+. I once had my hair highlighted all over and treated. It set me back $300.

Michael_92 20

I never cut my own hair, then again i'm a guy so short hair is easy to mess up. I trust the professionals and what they are doing somewhat. It is only $20 plus a $10 tip so not bad. I was there last week and it turned out better than I planned too. It really depends on where you go as to quality.

I do tip waitresses, hairdressers and the like. I just don't understand it. I mean, I understand the principle but why should a customer have to 'make up' for the low salary of an employee, for say, a waitress. I work at McDonald's and I don't get tipped. I deal with as many people as a waitress does, the nice and the not so nice. Why not tip your car salesman or your realstate agent?

*real estate. And why not tip your doctor for that matter, if they do a good job?

@70, I have been a waitress at Applebee's for 7 years. I have also worked at Arby's. So I can tell you based from experience that fast food and being a waitress are way different, the major difference being you do not fully serve people in fast food. Meaning a constant refill of drinks, table checks, running the food, dressings, ect. You are at your tables quite frequently. Tip means to insure proper service. I believe if your server does a great job then they deserve a great tip. If not, I do not tip them. Same applies with any tippable job. And as far as tipping car salesmen, I'm pretty sure they are making a pretty decent amount of money already.

So then making a decent amount of money is what warrants or doesn't warrant tipping? You just proved the point I was trying to make. Customers shouldn't have to pay for an employee's lack of pay. And everyone should be doing the best they can at their jobs whether they may get a tip or not. Plus, Arby's has a bit of a slower pace than a regular McDonald's has, so I don't know that Arby's and waitressing really do compare. .

I cut my own hair. Plus, if you're trying to keep your hair long, you're going to have trim it. I ain' payin' 20 bucks for an inch trim.

Have you ever been a waiter/waitress? Because I'm sure if you have been then you would know there are major differences... and I doubt we'd be having this conversation. I know at Arby's I had to drop some fries, put some sandwhiches together, and take some orders. (basics at McDonald's, right?) So most of the interaction with the customer was taking the order. As a waitress, I fully wait on the table. I have to bus and clean my own tables and sometimes expo the food. Not to mention rolling silverware and sidework. I also deal with mean and nice people, sometimes their messy and/or bratty kids, and the potential dine and dash.

#82 Being a server is very hard as well. I once had a guy bitch me out for serving him rolls before I served his wife.

I do understand what you're saying jkmartink, you're just a bit unrealistic. Tips SHOULD be reserved for exceptional service, NOT be expected even when service is kind of subpar. It shouldn't be up to customers to ensure that waiting staff can eat dinner that night. However, companies pay too little so, whether we like it or not, we kind of have to help. It won't change until restaurants start paying staff properly which is unlikely to be widespread anytime soon. SOME places are changing though. I was reading an article the other day about a few places that have banned ALL tips, opting to pay properly instead. Note that this is less of an issue in other countries too - in some countries tipping is seen as disrespectful or just plain isn't allowed.

I tip when it is called for, to show that person they are doing a good job, and I have high standards. They are already getting paid for what they are doing. What I give them as a tip is a bonus for a job well done. I hate it that people expect a tip when they are bad at their jobs. I do not tip the pizza delivery man as I do not believe it is required, they take a box and drop it off at my house. Why do I need to pay them extra for that when they are already getting paid to do it. I have had many jobs in my years including several jobs that could be considered "tipping" jobs. I worked my butt off and if I was having a sub par day and delivered sub par service, I did not expect a tip and have outright refused tips because people shouldn't have to pay me extra to do my job! Rant done. Sry.

Well I am a hairstylist and before that I was a cook. So yeah tips make the world of difference because we are making a lower income, but I agree with others in saying you need to do excellent service to get that tip. My husband is a pharmacist and you don't see him getting any tips for his service work and if you thought bratty kids in a restaurant is bad try having to serve a bunch of narcotic addicts all day long. The only tip he ever received was a coffee from a girl because she felt bad for making him do so much work (she knew he was having a bad day) and I think that coffee was worth more than any amount of money he could ever receive. I would personally take a good compliment or a nice gesture over money. it shows people really care and aren't just throwing money at you to appease you.

I think we've all given ourselves a bad haircut atleast're not alone!

Yeah, my daughter did it when she was 5. She discovered a sure fire way to get me off the phone. But, we've all done it. The redeeming factor is that even a haircut that looks like 10 miles of bad road will eventually grow out.

olpally 32

Good job, meg. Lol. Next time, just pay the professional hair dresser. They are there for a reason

olpally 32

Meg griffin, from the adult cartoon family guy. The child they always make fun of. Lol.

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Party on Garth, party on Wayne!

You might want to mullet over before you cut your own hair again. I bet that hair cut made you want to bang your head against the wall. If you'd have had someone else cut it you would've gotten more bangs for your buck. Just saying.

I think OP may have wanted less bangs for her buck...