By Anonymous - 07/12/2011 17:47 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were getting frisky. He pulled off my panties and was about to go down on me when he said, "Wait, what's this white thing?" It was a piece of toilet paper. FML
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Saving it for later?

every1luvsboners 11

Better than seeing a tampon string.


Saving it for later?

This is like a charmin commercial

Carefully wiping always saves the day or just buy Charmin ultra strong.

rexgar2000 10

mood killer right there. my hard would go limp In a sec and then walk away and play COD.

That is fucked up gross!! You should have atleast took a shower or smth! And not gross because of just tp.. But because he was going down on you and you werent clean

Isaac_The_Man 0

You mam, need the Charmin brand

Lol not as bad as of he choked on it.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Amen to that! Some of the best sex I had I spent half the time laughing because my partner let out a loud fart in the middle of sex. Laughter actually releases oxytocin which helps bond you :p

jwade11 12

Been there, have had that happen. Kind of embarrassing!!!

princessmollysue 9

Wow ! Ummm next time maybe clean down there ?

SwtCherryPie 26

@62... lol you can tell you're single Stick to your game im sure you are better at that than handling a woman anyway

163 - You're fucking pathetic!!!! Just because he would go play CoD doesn't mean shit! You can tell that your boyfriend prefers games than having sex with you! Stick to your dildo I'm sure your boyfriend is happy he doesn't have to deal with you anyway!

It's like "now or laters"

G0v3nat0r 7

^^ win

There's muchhhhh worse...ever go to go down on a girl and she was still covered in period blood because she never even thought to bother taking a shower after it was done??? Trust me being unclean from the bathroom is nothing compared to that

That was directed at 96 by the way

@163 - "lol you can tell" CoD is way more interesting then you are.

linkinpark98 23

Your picture creeps me out.

chlorinegreen 27

Think of it this way. A girl who wipes to keep her self somewhat sanitary OR a girl who doesn't wipe and accumulates gunky semi dry pee and who knows what else on her cooch. Put your mouth on THAT

awesomelikethat 0


looks like a lot of people are ok with going down without showering. Gross

Considering I got so many negatives on my comment.. Looks like we got many slobs on this website :)

FinnickLover10 1


Kinda like your comment

What a Charmin' sight... HA, SEEWHATIDIDTHERE?!?!?!¿

Ok I understand the exclamation and question marks but is the upside down question mark really necessary, just asking.

Oh, sorry, 98. I didn't know you were asking a question because you didn't use a question mark. ...You know. The same one you were complaining about.

Everytime I hear someone say "Epic Fail." it makes me seriously consider punching them in the face.

^ Same. Even 'Cool Story bro' is getting old

btnhdude 0

Cool story sis.

When I hear epic fail I think if the epic fail app. It has hilarious pics.

2- how old are you? 12?

"cool story bro" was over before it even began

princessmollysue 9

#98 You are an dumb ass this is not spell check mother fucker ! This is fucking FML bitch !

riveting tale chap

Isaac_The_Man 0

Saying "EPIC FAIL" is really old dude(or girl.. Can't tell)

Epic fail, bro.

giggetyalright 1

ahh.. embarrassing

nattynatters 14

Not really. That happened to me once. If he's a good bf he'll give you a minute to fix it and get back to business. No biggie.

SwtCherryPie 26

or if he's like my husband he picks it off throws it to the side and continues what he planned on doing... slightly embarassing but more commonplace than people let on... get over it and move on

You know what would be really funny, if you were to keep on reading this comment, no seriously you're still reading. How stupid are you?

You're pretty stupid yourself little boy

220... Your're pretty stupid for writing a comment that makes no sense.

Rhetorical 0

oh, you nasty girl

Ye very nasty, but ye that's gross

^new favorite commenter.

^new favorite complimenter!

every1luvsboners 11

Better than seeing a tampon string.

me_gusta_eso 1

61- Wtf?

61, don't be a chef.

aw i cant look at 102's pic because his comment today got him banned. it seems to look funny haha

CalCommando 6

I used to use tampons, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

I used to enjoy those jokes, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

btnhdude 0

I used to get refferences, but everything turned all 'sissy fad'. JUST KIDDING.

Better than going down and coming up with a piece of TP affixed like a milk moustache.

61- the fuck is that?! Does it come with a side of salsa and queso?

She cut herself shaving?

Alexunited1212 2

61- what kind of fucking things have you seen in your life?

JuggaletteKlown 0

Everyone loves boners.[:

SookyTurner 4


That is the ultimate stop sign

I use to use the joke " took an arrow to the knee" but then I. Oh wait I never used it Because it was never cool Much like you guys aren't for using that joke.

time to try charmin :D

To charmhim ;)

heylesha 8

maybe you should clean more down there

theDOGgoesIDGAF 0

Why so many thumbs down? That shit is nasty every girl should wash there vaginas before any sort of action....

SwtCherryPie 26

as im sure you do? lol i doubt it

Vaginas? While it would be cool to see once, but scary as your picture.

Wow, you must be a spontaneous, fun wife -.- Not everyone plans out what time they're going to have sex, you know.

theDOGgoesIDGAF 0

I do as a mater of fact clean before my husband goes down on me any fucking time he does how the fuck can it be an idiot comment just because you like your fucking pussy dirty does it mean that everyone does. I know things happen in the heat of the moment but fuck clean if anything is going to happen down there using the mouth, no guy likes for there girl to be dirty specially if they have to eat it.

theDOGgoesIDGAF 0

Having sex is good to go fuck I don't care I'll go down on my husband it's just my vagina is always clean. So yes after I take a piss and I feel that there is something there I do hop in the shower for a quick rinse.

theDOGgoesIDGAF 0

I am actually a very spontaneous wife I never said I don't go down on him unless he's clean I like is man sweat fuck yeah it's sexy as fuck.

Anyone else hate the word "panties"?

XxAqwa13xX 6


while he was removing my undergarments?

flockz 19

ass flap cover?


ohmyhotdogonabun 0

Omg yes! My best friend showed me her list for Christmas and she wrote panties on it..

hamncheeseinit 6

You must not wear any panties?

Chonies is better .

They need to make a word that is...nicer? than panties and more classy than "undergarments" or "underwear" or "unmentionables".

sExxicHiCky123 0

Underwear :3

HiddenMonkey 8

Would you prefer knickers instead?

Hello kitties?

Call me crazy, but the word is completely cool with me. I have no problem with it. Gitch, on the other hand...

MiniNyn 5

I say undies! It doesn't feel as pedo ("panties" makes me think they belong to a little girl) but isn't as blunt as "underwear"

drawmesunshine 17


Banana peel

gabrielbaby 9

Panties kinda cracks me up. The word just entertains me.

JinxosGirl87 0

I hate that word because it sounds too sexual . I especially hate it when people use it when refering to little kid's underwear.

No. I like it!

"Smellies?" "Delicates?" "Naughties?" "Slippies?" Take your pick.

koolkat27 13



Prankster7o7 5

An obstacle? :)

Excuse me FML, we were having a conversation about underwear.

zstarr 11

I agree. They really need a better word. I'm thinking "wonder covers" :)

omarzrgz 3

It sounds sexy unless their referring to little girl underwear which I've never heard anyone use it Like tha

iceblue_fml 0

Nope I'd much rather hear them called panties, much more feminine

202 wins. Fuck, that was genius.

makcelly 0

Ick. What a turn off.

amberita28 0