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  CapnAwesome  |  11

That is fucked up gross!! You should have atleast took a shower or smth! And not gross because of just tp.. But because he was going down on you and you werent clean


Amen to that! Some of the best sex I had I spent half the time laughing because my partner let out a loud fart in the middle of sex. Laughter actually releases oxytocin which helps bond you :p

  YessyxD  |  8

163 - You're fucking pathetic!!!! Just because he would go play CoD doesn't mean shit! You can tell that your boyfriend prefers games than having sex with you! Stick to your dildo I'm sure your boyfriend is happy he doesn't have to deal with you anyway!

  shadow1690  |  9

There's muchhhhh worse...ever go to go down on a girl and she was still covered in period blood because she never even thought to bother taking a shower after it was done??? Trust me being unclean from the bathroom is nothing compared to that

  chlorinegreen  |  27

Think of it this way. A girl who wipes to keep her self somewhat sanitary OR a girl who doesn't wipe and accumulates gunky semi dry pee and who knows what else on her cooch. Put your mouth on THAT

  Saltime  |  0

Oh, sorry, 98. I didn't know you were asking a question because you didn't use a question mark.

...You know. The same one you were complaining about.

  SwtCherryPie  |  26

or if he's like my husband he picks it off throws it to the side and continues what he planned on doing... slightly embarassing but more commonplace than people let on... get over it and move on


I use to use the joke " took an arrow to the knee" but then I.
Oh wait I never used it
Because it was never cool
Much like you guys aren't for using that joke.


I do as a mater of fact clean before my husband goes down on me any fucking time he does how the fuck can it be an idiot comment just because you like your fucking pussy dirty does it mean that everyone does. I know things happen in the heat of the moment but fuck clean if anything is going to happen down there using the mouth, no guy likes for there girl to be dirty specially if they have to eat it.


Having sex is good to go fuck I don't care I'll go down on my husband it's just my vagina is always clean. So yes after I take a piss and I feel that there is something there I do hop in the shower for a quick rinse.

  dumboears  |  8

They need to make a word that is...nicer? than panties and more classy than "undergarments" or "underwear" or "unmentionables".

  MiniNyn  |  5

I say undies! It doesn't feel as pedo ("panties" makes me think they belong to a little girl) but isn't as blunt as "underwear"