By Jessi - 24/07/2012 18:33 - Canada - Mississauga

Today, I finally got to see my boyfriend, after two months apart. As we hugged, he lifted me up and spun me around like in the movies. It would have been really romantic if I hadn't hit a little boy while he was riding past on his bike. I've just traumatized a little kid. FML
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It'll be fine. Ask the boy if he's ok, and you'll be fine. It isn't the biggest problem.

Shadowvoid 33

At least you are happy? :/ apologize to the boy and enjoy your special someone.


Hahaha it was probably on purpose.

I've watched similar happen.. Friend in a band had the hots for another friend of mine. Went to see them play right before she moved away and when she told him he spun her around in a hug and almost took out 4 fans sitting off to the side.

I feel like this could go two ways. You aren't supposed to ride your bike on the sidewalk you are supposed to ride on the street with the same rules as cars. If op was in the street then their fault if they were on a sidewalk or off the road in any way then the kids fault.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

I don't think a little boy should be riding a bike in the street at all. The sidewalk is so much less dangerous

Safer or not I was simply stating the rules of the road... If the boy didn't have a safe place to ride then he shouldn't have been there.

42- are you retarded? LITTLE boy. If he's a little boy hes right to be on the sidewalk. OP should of been aware of surroundings, I mean it's not like the kid knew that they were gonna spin around. It wasn't the kid's fault, regardless of road rules.

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Just so you guys know, the official rules for bikes is: you're considered a pedestrian if you're on the sidewalk and you're considered a motor vehicle if you're on the street. Meaning bicycles are allowed on both sidewalks and streets.

60- We don't know how fast the kid was going on his bike. And the kid probably came out of nowhere.

It PROBABLY was. When I was a little kid my cousin did that to me. Pretending to give me a big hug but used me as a baseball bat to kick some guy he didn't like. Soo OP's boyfriend might've seen some kid that knocked over his garbage can the night before or some shit, and a light bulb went off in his head.

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Just saying, you called them an idiot and you wrote obliviously, not obviously, lolol.

It'll be fine. Ask the boy if he's ok, and you'll be fine. It isn't the biggest problem.

Well said #3. It's not like its completely ruined. That's still a pretty romantic moment, the little boy shouldn't trump your happiness. Although I do feel for him. Poor boy.

Yeah it was probably more embarrassing for the kid than for you

To be honest I would have laughed after I checked if he was ok. Of there were no serious injuries and when he left, I would have started laughing my ass off, as bad as that sounds. I mean cmon how funny is that- just picture it like a movie scene XD

And at least he was able to pick her up

Shadowvoid 33

At least you are happy? :/ apologize to the boy and enjoy your special someone.

Oh dear! I would have loved to film that! YouTube and you've been framed for the money! Zing! Lol

Sure, let's add insult to injury to the poor kid.

I don't see why 5's getting thumbed down. A kid gets kicked in the head, that's funny. Just like the "GO! Bwahh" video, America's Funniest Home Video's, and just about every "fail" video out there. (Unless he was seriously hurt, then it's not funny)

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It could have been worse. You could have vomited on a little kid after being spun around. Just ask the kid if he is ok and continue swooning over your boyfriend.

You know these Hollywood scenes where people get picked up after being reunited doesn't seem to work out in real life.

To be fair, that accounts for most of Hollywood's output. Heroes in films don't get shot by minions. No secret romantic gift of flowers is followed up by the recipient freaking out and calling the police about a stalker. And outside the realm of comedy, no passionate lovemaking session winds up with someone getting a cramp in their knee. It generally helps to have multiple takes, something real life lacks.

Well we can always learn from our mistakes, right?

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Doesn't matter, still romantic! Haha, I hope the kid is alright.

8- at first I thought you were gonna say "doesn't matter, had sex".

This FML reminds me of 'The Chipmunk Adventure' when Alvin swings Brittany around and accidentally knocks the bejeezus out of two jewel thieves. God. I feel so old. Does anybody even remember what the chipettes looked like before they were mutilated by the makers of the Squeakual? GOD, IM SO ******* OLD RIGHT NOW.

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Aweee that's actually very sweet. Too bad your moment was ruined.