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Today, I had to convince my 20-year-old boyfriend that not only is his aquatic turtle a reptile, but that it's also cold-blooded and thus can't regulate its own temperature just by going into its shell. He still thinks I'm the stupid one. FML
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Stop ruining ninja turtles for me... *plugs ears*

Tell him that alligators, crocodiles are closely related to dinosaurs and birds are actually living dinosaurs and watch his head explode.


I feel as though the "convincing" should go very quickly once the OP decides to just show him an entry on wikipedia.

Well, 26, some people are just too stubborn to ever learn. Good luck teaching him OP.

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The one who needs luck here is the turtle. I shudder to think of the living conditions for this poor animal if her boyfriend thought these things. There's likely zero filtration, zero opportunity for thermoregulation and basking, no UVB radiation..... Aquatic turtles are one of the most commonly available pets, yet their requirements are complex and needy. They are one of the most neglected species, right there with iguanas and hermit crabs.

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Maybe you should rethink a long term relationship.

You can comment on comments you know. This one would fit perfectly under 1's comment.

No, because it be simplified further still by just liking 1's comment.

Stop ruining ninja turtles for me... *plugs ears*

AAAwwwww Dude, I like totally want some pizza now

I always thought it was 'heroes in a half shell'

The Ninja Turtles can rescue citizens and fight crime every day! But, when it comes to regulating body temperature....

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I always assumed the Ooze made them warm-blooded as well as human sized.

Even if you plug your ears, you'll still be able to read it. So you accomplished...pretty much nothing :P

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Oi... he certainly is a prime candidate for Darwinism to take effect.

I had a friend who died from not knowing how turtles work. It was sad.

Don't give him the cold shoulder. I hope it wasn't in bad blood. Anyone? No? Okay...

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Where exact did he go to elementary school because I am not sending my future kids there!

Where "exact" did you go to elementary school, because I don't want to send my kids thre either.

I know, I saw that as I posted the reply. Murphy got me right in the ass and I deserved it, every bit.

41- as an Internet user i have to mention that he got you, in the ass, with his big, black dick, bye

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Take him to an aquarium to talk to a Maine biologist

ViviMage 38

Would a Rhode Island biologist work?

A marine biologist? Heck, get him to talk to the kids there, they can probably teach him.

Tell him that alligators, crocodiles are closely related to dinosaurs and birds are actually living dinosaurs and watch his head explode.

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and the closest relative to the T-Rex is the Chicken

looks like someone got hit with the stupid stick