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Today, I had to explain to my daughter that just because it says non-toxic on the crayons, it doesn't mean that you should eat them. She's 16. FML
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I guess you could say she's not the brightest crayon in the box.

Keep calm and crayon.


I guess you could say she's not the brightest crayon in the box.

I'd say her color is maybe royal blue

i'd say she's explorative. the guy who invented gum tried to eat rubber.

Why royal blue. I bet she was tickled pink!

I bet after finding that out, she was orphan blue: the saddest of all blues.


things get confusing when a crayon is called Mac n cheese

I imagine your daughter is still in classes where crayon use is rather prevalent.

I've said it once I'm saying it now and by God I will probably say it again! It's dangerous being that stupid.

Keep calm and crayon.

That was actually really clever.

That's not exactly fair though, I mean these days they all have names like "blueberry" "grape soda" "strawberry cupcake"

The way I see it is, if it doesn't look like food, it probably isn't edible.

You probably shouldn't eat it just because it looks like food. So you ahould also smell it, but if it smells like not food its probably not food.

What does food look like, exactly?

Don't get all philosophical now

And they also have ones that smell like fruit

There actually are crayons that are edible. They're made out of beans or something weird. They aren't meant for eating, but it wouldn't be bad for you. They probably wouldn't taste very good.

75- Wow! The repetition there is almost poetic!

maybe she was just really hungry

Then she shits rainbow.

I've always wondered what they taste like...

Wax...they taste like wax.

Yeah, crumbly wax that sticks in your teeth. Gross.

When you were a kid did you ever scratch the inside of your ear, forget to wash your hands, and eat? It tastes like that. No I didn't eat crayons on purpose. When I was a kid my mom lit crayons instead of candles on my cake (it was pretty cool) and my cousin convinced me they were edible. She lied!

no they don't taste like ear wax, they taste like unscented candles that you put in the freezer

The flavor of the crayon is dependent on the color. Just like slushies!

So your mom Improvised. #31..

Your cousin is an evil genius! And i swear ear wax tastes like death!!

that was meant for #31 (im new (and not very good) at this)

you were doing fine until you corrected yourself. don't worry, you get used to it

I guess she wanted to taste the rainbow.

Maybe she actually wanted to see if she could poop a rainbow......

I thought you used skittles to taste the rainbow

Maybe they are secretly delicious ?

But they are made of wax

they do taste like wax but at 16? you are a terrible parent and your kids dumb

...and your a judgemental bitch

Whoa, a bit uncalled for, don't you think #26?

So having a stupid kid means OP is a terrible parent? Guess your parents are terrible because you're an idiot

no I'm just saying my child is more intelligent.

and yeah my parents are terrible lol

59- Nobody gives a rats ass about your kid. I just hope they don't turn out like you.

Blame not the parents but blame the education system.

And this is the reason why company's have to put do not eat on almost everything...even things that are common sense. Snh

You have hungry daughter like my cousin!

OP's daughter could actually be your cousin. It's a small world.

10- I don't know why, but I read your comment like it was in some stereotypical asian woman's voice.

#68, I read it with a Russian accent.

#68 - I read it with Borat's accent.