Right between the toes

By hellosir - 27/03/2011 17:55 - United States

Today, while at my dorm, I experienced a vomit-inducing migraine. In my hurry to get to the bathroom to puke, I couldn't find a pair of shoes. I urgently needed the toilet, so I braved the communal bathroom barefoot. As I opened the stall door, I stepped in someone else's fresh vomit. FML
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xXDubbleChic 11

Eww, that's gross! But at least you didn't ruin a good pair of shoes.


I_R_Genius 3

I don't know if you are joking or not, but OP said they couldn't find their shoes.

okay, ive NEVER had a migraine that's caused me to vomit. you obviously need to be in the hospital if this is happening. ydi for not having that extremely basic common sense.

boatkicker 4

1) Migraines so bad that you puke aren't uncommon for people who get frequent migraines. 2) Surely you don't want someone in that much pain to attempt driving?

Vomiting is actually a pretty common reaction for people to have to strong pain. The OP probably had enough common sense to know that, or they may have already spoken to a doctor about the issue.

#4 I don't know if I can take you seriously with that picture.

#11 Im sorry but YDI. Maybe read up on these things before judging! Not only do migraines cause nausea and vomiting but when you have one you can also lose your eyesight til it passes AND pass out among other things! As well as have some of your body tingle or go numb. I take it you have never had a bad migraine! Take it from someone who gets them VERY often. 1st time I lost my eyesight I thought I was dying or gonna be blind forever!

Anybody else realize how ironic this is?

she couldn't find shoes... Next time use a garbage can (or buy one if you didn't have one)

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Congratulations! You and you alone are responsible for bringing this uplifting story of struggle, despair, honor, and ultimate victory to the masses. Well done!

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Way to make me feel shitty,

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Don't get excited about moderating next time. All the cool kids do it!!

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And this is why I refuse to dorm.

kinga08 0

Haha! Me too. Communal bathrooms are very disgusting. If there's one thing I need absolutely clean, it is a bathroom and you sure as hell won't find a clean one in a dorm in college. OP, ugh, I get migraines like that too and it stinks! Try leaving a pair of slippers around that you can put on easily and find quickly next time. Did you not have any trash cans near you?

xoxoKirstenxoxo 0

lmfaooo must of made u puke more

Eww, that's gross! But at least you didn't ruin a good pair of shoes.

houstontxmex 0

oh so you mean there are at least two pregnant hoes at your dorm... :)

Aligator67 12

Just because you puke it doesn't mean you are pregnant. They both could of just ate something that their stomachs didn't like.

cadillacgal79 32

But as stated in the FML OP had a puke inducing migraine.