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Today, I told my friend about a fight I had earlier with my girlfriend. He thought it'd be funny to use my phone while I was in the bathroom and text her "ure such a cunt". She wouldn't believe the truth, even when my friend confessed to her. She thought I paid him to take the fall. FML
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Honestly, your friend seems kind of like an asshole. Yeah, he's kinda funny but if you're in a fight with your girlfriend, he should be trying to help you


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FYL OP. I'm getting so tired of all these so called friends ruining OPs' lives because they thought it would be "funny" to [blank]. I'm sorry to hear of your trials.

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Say you meant "you're such a cutie"

If she didn't believe that the friend did it, she is hardly going to belive that it was a misspelling. Especially since he already gave a different explanation.

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I don't think that person isn't a good friend or that she is a very good girlfriend.

I would have to say that OP's life sucks and that he also deserved it. It wasn't any of his friend's business to know what happens in the relationship. Problems are meant for only those involved, so they can solve it. Bringing someone else into the issue is basically asking for more trouble. I know this through experience. I did the same thing once. I told a guy friend (now my ex-friend) about certain relationship issues I had with my boyfriend. He then threatened and harassed my boyfriend and his family. I was almost broken up with. They were so pissed at the both of us. Why were they pissed at me, too? Because I brought someone else into the picture who had no business being involved. I deserved the anger toward me. OP, let this be a lesson learned. Relationship issues are only for the ones involved.

His friend could've known his passcode.

that's not a thing a good friend does. I'm sorry OP

Sounds like your boy has you back. Also, your girlfriend kinda sounds like a ****... Seems like he did you a favor

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I get venting to someone about something that happened, but as a man (or at least personally) I would take that shit to another (girlfriend approved) woman, like my mother. Your guy friends Shouldn't know about your personal issues between you and your girl, your mom doesn't necessarily need to know either, but then again, your mom won't be a **** and do something like that. I'm just saying but if I were you, that "friend" would be drinking his food through a straw after that little joke.

That is the entire point of having friends, people you can share your troubles with and they support you. The only problem here is that this person is not a friend...

#11 clearly hasn't read enough FML's about terrible mothers.

Lol I feel like your comments contradict your username, #11. It's perfectly fine to share personal issues with your friends as long as they're trustworthy. There's a limit to what you should & shouldn't share.