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Today, I received the good news that my spine looks normal. Either the degenerative disc that was diagnosed 5 years prior magically healed, or my current doctor is an idiot. Considering that it's felt like someone is chiseling into my spine for some days, I'm leaning toward the latter. FML
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Don't know why you're ignoring option three: your doctor is being paid off by a coalition of spine gnomes who are mining for spine gold. The longer you remain ignorant, the more they get.


I'd choose chiseled abs over chiseled spine any day.

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speaking of chiseled, I wish there was a way for me and others to see our (and others'?) long ass comments being chiseled into paragraphs as was done by [us] before posting. On the phone App I mean (I am on an Android one...maybe it works with the iPhone). Apparently it is fine on a computer.. "fixing" via edit did nothing either. in fact, it undid my the paragraphs ones for me when I went to just fix a typo... its nothing excruciatingly horrible but still pretty freaking annoying...

Your other comment looks good to me- did you wind up editing it via desktop? Either way, I'll mention it to Alan. :)

Don't know why you're ignoring option three: your doctor is being paid off by a coalition of spine gnomes who are mining for spine gold. The longer you remain ignorant, the more they get.

how do you manage to get top comment on nearly every post? that's proper skills

14 it's because he's paying gnomes to make them get accounts and up-vote his comments

#17- Shall we launch an investigation?

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I second getting the second opinion. I'm no medical doctor but there is a chance that the disc that was degenerating is just totally gone now and your new doctor didn't notice the missing disc... this would also explain the pain was the discs are there to prevent any pain that would definitely be caused by the bone parts of your spine having friction together. I am unsure if there is a surgery to fix this like getting a new fake/prosthetic/??? disc... but there has to be SOMETHING that can be done that would at least lessen the pain... so yeah second opinion would be wise. I'm not sure I'd go as far as to call your current doctor an idiot as that is a strong accusation to someone who has a doctorate of medicine... but I'd personally question his competence when it comes to certain doctor-y aspects, of course. And I definitely don't blame you for being pissed/disgruntled... the pain sounds unreal. I hope you find the answers you truly need soon, OP. Best wishes for a better life w/ less pain!

Yeah, there are a few things that can be done for a bad disc. There's spinal injections, which are no fun and usually don't last even though a doctor says it does. There's a spinal fusion (which is what I have) where they remove the bad disc, put in an artificial one, and fuse the vertebrae surrounding it together and give you some lovely metal rods to go with it. There's also physical therapy, which I have never known to be worth a poop in my experience.

I know how you feel. When I seen a doctor 5 years ago, she told me "There's nothing wrong. You're young. It's just sore muscles" because I worked in a factory. I sought a 2nd and 3rd opinion. Well, 1 ruptured disc and a spinal fusion later, I like to think the initial doctor was incorrect. Now, my current doctor is telling me my current back pain (in a different part of my back this time) is probably just soreness. I sought a 2nd opinion on that as well plus some x-rays. Two degenerating discs and bone spurs on each vertebrae in my upper back beg to differ. Moral of the story: if you know something is wrong, keep seeking a doctor who will listen.

Definitely get a 2nd opinion. I live in NC & I had a doctor tell me once he can't read an MRI but he can operate on me. I never went back.

Find second opinion. Do it now asap just in case. But if you're all good then nothing to worry about.

I'm having the same issue. Meanwhile I'm barely walking after a trip to the grocery store.

I would go get a second opinion from a doctor that deals with back pain so they can definitely make sure what's going on. My husband has been dealing with back pain for two years. We unfortunately didn't know better so we started with chiropractic care since his doctor though it was just the muscles in his back and his spine not aligned correct, since he has bad posture. Well after 10 months or so going through with this, we actually found out he has a degenerative disc and a torn disc. Now we're on the right path and fighting to get disc replacement on both of his discs since our insurance doesn't want to cover it. It took a few years unfortunately, but don't be afraid to get a second opinion to make sure it isn't something that you doctor just isn't telling you. Good luck OP.

Disc surgery is rough. I had it done in my lower back. It helped a lot but it will never fully fix the pain. Back pain is just one of those things: once you have it, you will never fully be rid of it. All you can do is make it tolerable.