By bullah007 - 28/11/2014 18:43 - Pakistan - Lahore

Today, my friend made a fake account on Facebook, pretending to be a girl, and posted my phone number on a sexting group. I've been getting calls and text messages from horny weirdos all day long. FML
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Just answer: "Hello. This is the Police. How may i help you?"


#44, in the FML, it says 'pretending to be a girl'.

I find it funny so many people jump to disgrace his friend. It's ******* hilarious, and friends did stuff like this all the time to my knowledge. Unless OP has something against pranks and jokes like this, then let the war begin.

#68 I wholeheartedly agree. Real friends do that kind of stuff to be funny. You can tell real friends and fake friends by how nice they are. Example. A real friend will post your phone number on a website like that. A not so real friend will be as nice as they can be and kiss your ass. In the end only a real friend stands by your side. That's my opinion. OPs friend is a real friend in my eyes.

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Honestly the only thing I could think of is blocking all the weirdos or get your friend to delete your number . Hope you figure something out

Yes it is... "My friend made a fake account" also OP never said his 'friend' was a girl.

#39 I'm pretty sure #38 was referring to the OP, and mistakenly put "hers" instead of "his", thinking #2 meant block them on Facebook, not their phone number. So your reply is not only bitchy, but invalid as well.. sorry for the run on sentence. just my opinion

It's hard to tell someone's emotions when you're not speaking in person. It didn't come across my mind that it could have been a typo, but don't be so quick to call someone a bitch.

So what exactly are you complaining about? ;)

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That won't make him any better than his so-called "friend"

Just answer: "Hello. This is the Police. How may i help you?"

Don't know about in Pakistan, but in the USA , it's a felony charge to impersonate the police.

Or "Thank God you called. I hid their bodies but what to I do about all the blood."

"*OP's towns* pet cemetary - you put them down, we take them under, how can I help you today?"

That's the beginning of a good prank war. Get some pictures of a stripper. Post it on Craigslist with his house address and have a caption saying to leave letters and money in the mailbox for a good time .

That's seriously risky. Having people calling you or texting you is one thing, inviting crazy strangers to your home (or in this case, someone else's) can be the start of a murder case.

Murder case. You guys need to watch Joy Ride.

I can see the next FML... "Today to get my friend back for a prank he pulled on me, I sent weirdos to his house, now I find out he's gay, and now dating one of the weirdos... FML..."

Tell them all to meet up somewhere and give them a time. Horny weirdos have a lot in common.

Even better have them all meet at a spot and have your friend you at that same spot...but you never showed up.

You might want to change your number...and not be that person's friend..:(

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Sexting groups on facebook? Really? Lol