By Anonymous - 19/07/2015 04:36 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my girlfriend thought it'd be hilarious to secretly swap her and my mom's numbers in my phone, then sexually tease me before going to work. I found out about the prank when I texted my "girlfriend", saying I was going to fuck her so hard she wouldn't walk straight for days. FML
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IAmzephyr 22

I don't understand why she would do that... Like I understand that was a joke, but it's just asking for trouble.


IAmzephyr 22

Is she short? Short people are closer to satan, so…

Agreed. My best prank to date is pushing the "test" button on the smoke detector and getting my brother to run outside in 30 degree weather in his undies at 6 in the morning. It was great.

rieebee 23

Just be glad your mom didn't reply favourably?

tantanpanda 26

because OP would have said so in the fml since OP probably figured it out by a belligerent reply from the mother.

Its FMLs like this that make me glad my mum has no clue what a text message is and how to check it.

I don't understand why she would do that... Like I understand that was a joke, but it's just asking for trouble.

And why his mother? If it had been his brother, say, they could have all laughed it off as a prank, but his mum doesn't need that in her memory.

She's probably getting him back for a prank he did on her.

Didn't you notice your texts were coming from mom not your girlfriend?

tarlax 11

Yeah, cause she's totally gonna send him messages and ruin her own prank... -_-

She could have teased him in person... She probably wouldn't have done it over text or OP would have noticed, indeed.

Teased him BEFORE going to work. Like #9 said, she did so in person.

Going off what #5 said, couldn't he have seen previous texts from that conversation and been like "wait, this was a conversation I was texting my mom about, not my girlfriend"

He probably wasn't thinking clearly, all of his blood was running to the wrong head.

well u could **** her mom if u wanted

tarlax 11

That's called rape. I know it's probably your favorite way of getting laid, but it's not for everyone.

wtf the boy can have sex withthe mother

It's not necessarily rape, if the mother wants it... I mean yes, it's a really bad idea, but it's not necessarily rape.

tarlax 11

No shit, but outside of **** and this guy's virginal fantasies, women don't tend to put out just like that. Alain, you make even MY dumbass comments look like solid gold.

Accusing someone of being a rapist over his poorly constructed lewd joke is still pretty ******* outlandish.

tarlax 11

Yeah, because I was totally actually in all seriousness saying he's a rapist in real life. Your lack of joke detection skills is outlandish. He PM'd me, and he's either a rapist who lies really well, or he's actually an okay guy. So yah.

If you actually read the post correctly you'd see it's his mom... So unless he's into incest I'd highly doubt that'll ever happen..

#31 - To be fair, deceptive people tend to be the ones who come across normal for a reason.

She switched the names between her and HIS mom. Pretty sure his moms not down for incest.

tarlax 11

That's hilarious OP, you've got a keeper there.

Plan your revenge. :D at least she has a good sense of humor

**** you so hard oops silly autocorrect mom, i meant have you guys over for such a great dinner party you'll be so full you wont be able to walk... silly phones