By Jennie

Scribble your name across my heart…

Today, I sent a guy in my English class a rose. He's kind of an outcast, so I though it would be a nice gesture. I asked him later how his day was going and he said, "Good. I got a rose this morning, but I could tell it was from a guy. The handwriting was awful." FML
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  coius  |  23

Im a guy. I love roses and was thrilled when I was given roses. They smell great and look beautiful. And before you go claiming a derogatory remark about my manhood, I have a wife and am happily married to her. Guys can appreciate sentiment and beauty too. We aren’t all neanderthal cavemen.

By  mayaklast  |  12

Well, you had good intentions, but I think that was a pretty strange gesture. I mean, a rose has a strong romantic connotation (I hope it was yellow, at least ^^') so as a 'pity gift' it's really weird. Two things could happen here : believing it was a prank (that would have been my first thought too) ; getting his hopes up that someone wants to go out with him, which doesn't seem to be your intention (and is thus pretty cruel).
Wjy didn't you just go talk to him like a normal person? ^^'