By Anonymous - Romania - Bucharest
Today, my fiancée's OCD hit a new low when she screamed at me for flicking the light-switch off "the wrong way". This led to her flicking it on and off about a dozen times, followed by a twenty-minute lecture on how to do it "properly". We're getting married next month. FML
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  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

Really, 22? I mean Really? You're a perv.

  bertman21  |  5

22 has a valid point. What happens If op does something wrong in bed? Is he going to have to do it over and over again until he does it right? Maybe there will be an fml about it soon .

  hooligyn123  |  18

Her OCD is likely in overdrive due to the wedding. There is so much deal to consider that even a normal person could lose it. My family is currently going nuts with how unconcerned about table linens, tulle, streamers etc I am with my wedding less than a month away. If I cared, I'd go crazy too...

  LtCmdrData  |  11

You can hold the light switch all the through flipping it and flip it hard (1) or softly (2). You can simply flick the switch with a movement of your finger (3). You can use a finger or multiple fingers from one direction (4) or a fist (5) or an object that you hold with you hand (6) so that you don't actually touch the light switch. You can use the flat palm of your hand (7), the side of your hand (8), or your thumb (9), or pinch the switch between thumb and pointer finger while flipping (10).
I personally prefer #4 as it makes the most satisfying noise, but the point is: IN REALITY IT DOESN'T FREAKING MATTER.
You're welcome.

  emilyjgraham  |  34

bit harsh to say get out while you can! it's not her fault that she has it! there are specialists she can see for help and like someone else said, she's probably only this bad because of the wedding, he's obviously capable of putting up with it as he obviously knew about it before they were getting married.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

3, Or he can choose not to marry her until she gets her OCD under better control. I feel badly for the Original Poster. He probably feels as if he breathes wrong, he will get yelled at. "Honey, you're supposed to breathe out 4 seconds, not 3!!!!" Yikes!

  kyleekay  |  25

She's compelled to do that through no fault of her own. OCD isn't a choice. Even if it was, I don't think "creepy" would be the right word to describe her actions.

  QueenSaru  |  28

While OCD isn't a choice, how she reacts to it can be. Yelling at someone for doing it "wrong" in your eyes means it's not under control. Having a mental illness does not mean you get a free pass to berate other people, it still requires taking responsibility for your own actions.

While the OP's GF is probably stressed about wedding preparations, perhaps she needs to take a step back before saying anything in order to make sure she's not over-reacting. It would have been much simpler (and more understandable) had she just gone and flicked the light switch herself, rather than yelling at him for how HE did it. Then she's in control of the situation and not making other people feel bad for something they have no control over.

By  DJP0N3  |  0

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By  jem970  |  19

I'd like to suggest taking her to therapy... That's extreme OCD and it can be crippling in every day life, also, you will probably want to kill her before the months out :) good luck OP!

  onlychildFTW  |  33

No. Don't offer her a smoke. Therapy is a good idea. That is extreme OCD and like the comment I'm commenting on said it can be hard to deal with it in everyday life.

  alshygirl  |  14

It might just be getting worse because they're close to the time of the wedding and she's stressed. She may hopefully calm down a bit after all the hoopla has settled down.

By  vanderleibry  |  3

Everybody has their pros and cons. I'm assuming you are marrying her for her pros. Also, like someone else said, therapy can be extremely helpful in minimizing these things. Just try to remember why you love her.

  QueenSaru  |  28

Yes, but if you CAN'T deal with someone with a mental illness (and not everyone can), it's better for him to make that clear now, and not three months, three years, whatever after the wedding.

If I suffered from a mental illness, I would rather have someone not marry me on the grounds that they can't "cope" with my illness, than push it under a rug for x amount of time, and then leave me anyway.

  Haven74  |  6

106 - I guess you missed the part of the FML where OP said "Fiancée", and "we're getting married next month". Why would OP take wedding vows prior to their wedding?