By drew - 07/09/2010 17:06 - United States

Today, I accidentally walked in on my girlfriend changing. She responded by screaming, throwing herself on the ground to avoid me seeing her, and crawling into the bathroom. We've been living together for 2 months. FML
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damn wtf your girlfriend but be REALLY self conscious...o.0

"Accidently" ;)


damn wtf your girlfriend but be REALLY self conscious...o.0

oops, must be**

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lol it's okay pjman

AliaChen 5

I think she was joking

This sounds like something from the "Exorcism."

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did she used to live in the middle east wher they have to cover up and shit or does sh gave diabetic HIV cancer of the genitals/ibarra of anus

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55 is a whore..

she sounds like a freaking ggrreeaatt girlfriend.

iSitt 0

maybe she didn't want you to see she is a transvestite

banananut 0

how does that make her a bitch? she obviously has insecurity issues and that certainly doesn't make her a bitch. it's not her fault she's self conscious.

wow I can't even imagine being that self conscious... I wander around the house naked quite a bit- my bf and I even like to have naked breakfast now and then lol

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lol, she sounds funn(: lol

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but that's when you can get Christian side hugs and stuff.

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=3 FTW

Anaxes 5

Knobless penis for the win?

I think he's ridiculous for continuing to stand there while she screamed and crawled around because he was there. Just close the door, freakazoid.

Chocolate_Chunk 2

yes, because not the one who crawls around screaming is the freak here, right?

chloe2114 4

Anazes, no =3 is a YouTube channel that reviewed the song Christian side hug, the channel name is Raywilliamjohnson and he is really funny, you should check him out, :)

Not psychopath. High-functioning sociopath.

Booskiesz 0

that's ridiculous !

I bet she was up to something sketchy

Sun_Kissed18 25

Well the first time I read it I read "Girlfriend cheating" haha

haha!!:P me too!:P

omg,...I feel for you bud..hope that was only the first

obvy "she" has a dick

haha youre awesome.

skylerbz 0

hi there

aww man, i seriously laughed out loud when i read this post. it's funny! you guys should lighten up on the dv.

Wow, she really needs to grow up.

I feel for her

"Accidently" ;)

"Accidentally" is the correct spelling. You fail.

I don't think 12 was correcting the spelling so much as she was questioning whether it was an accident.

acnegg, you look beautiful :)

blocparty, I hope you're a kid, because you're hitting on a 15 year old.