By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Gorebridge
Today, I was walking home from work, when a clearly homeless guy who smelled like Jimmy Hoffa's colon grabbed me, pinned me to a wall, and demanded that I hand over my "booty". I don't know whether or not I was mugged by Jack Sparrow, but either way, he's now over £100 richer. FML
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  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Maybe the wanna be pirate, robber, wanted both booties but only got one. Jail/prison will give him plenty of the other kind of booty and his will be up for grabs as well ;-).

  Stix89  |  2

For some reason when I was reading the FML I glazed over the fact that it read colon instead of cologne. That is until I got to this comment.
What does Jimmy Hoffa's COLOGNE smell like?

  jaxv95  |  7

" I came fo booty, a mans butt
Now i likes ya, n i wants ya
So we can do this the easy or we can do this the hard way?
...the choice is yours"