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Today, I was at the mall, when I saw an elderly lady drop her groceries, so I rushed over to help her pick them up. She took one look at me, called me a "Liberal bastard," and shouted for me to get away from her before she called the cops. FML
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  br0ccoli  |  14

My brother picked up an old lady's groceries that she dropped along the railroad tracks. She said thanks but then later found him, gave him a thank you card and $50.

It's not always bad to help people. It's better off to help and get rejected than to walk away without helping.

You never know, you might need their help one day.

  Ren_Uchiha  |  11

I've learned never to help old people pick up anything, as mean as that sounds. They just get the wrong idea and assume our generation is all full of shit. Ah, gotta love old people!

  MrSassypants  |  32

26, okay, but I think you're referring to #1, in the case that you are, #1's comment was a joke, and not actually telling people to not help out old ladies or there would be serious consequences.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Haha, I have noticed a lot of people helping and getting yelled at for doing so. I say, keep helping because you never know when someone really does need the help. Actually, if I think about it, I feel that old people trust women way more than men. I'm sure some people won't agree but I've never been yelled at and I'm 28.

  mikeofthunder  |  13

63 - I agree. Everyone in society has pre-made perspectives on people based on their gender, age and ethnicity. Politeness and kindness is associated with females, and males are genuinely known for being rude and untrustworthy. These are simple stereotypes, but they are strictly enforced to keep everyone conformed. I've just finished my Sociology course, yet it is lodged in my brain forever :(

By  perdix  |  29

You are fostering a culture of dependency on the Nanny State.

If you were a proper Texas conservative, you would have punched her in the mouth and stolen all the groceries you could carry. That's the only way she'll learn to hold her groceries!

  Axipiter  |  24

I just lost an entire mouthful of beer because of your comment. It was good beer, too. I want to be angry with you SO much, but I just can't stop laughing long enough to!