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Today, I got into a fight with my mom because she believes that my fiancé is "irresponsible" and "immature". I stormed out and drove back home. There, I walked in on my fiancé and his friends. They were in a heated and almost violent argument over which CSI is the best. The wedding's next month. FML
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  nameisname  |  12

How are they an ass just because they argue about something they love. Tell me what you love then we will get in an argument then I will call you an ass just because you love it. Feel bad

  MrConcise  |  34

It's irresponsible to have such terrible taste in television. I'd rather watch only Seinfeld reruns for the rest of my life than have to sit through an episode of any awful CSI show, and I think Seinfeld is terribly unfunny and a great example of how not to do a sitcom.

  domolovesyoshi  |  33

Everyone does not have to conform to your likes and dislikes, everyone is different, we like different things, just because you dislike something does not mean it's terrible.

  lennon_  |  16

I know I feel like OP is the immature one. Like who storms off and has a fit after there mom is looking out for them and then going home and questioning your future husband's maturity? Wtf man!

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Everyone has their thing and maybe he just really like that show, and op shouldn't break up over that. With that said, anyone who is willing to fight and purposefully hurt someone over something so trivial is a bit crazy. And I can also see how if he reacts that way over something so trivial, he may just be hotheaded and immature in general. If there are plenty of other immature things, like he lays around watching tv all day instead of working or tends to yell and argue (almost getting violent) in all his arguments, than yes, your mother may have a point and I would be concerned.
I hate to say it op, and sometimes parents are wrong, but a lot of times they are right and can see things about your relationship (or guy) that aren't good, and you can't see it cause your blinded by love. Looking back, I wish I listened to my parents and didn't date this one guy. But at the time I was blinded by love and thought we'd get married and be together forever. He ended up not being so great in the end.

By  sibylrelee  |  7

CSI is just a show and it's not considered immature if you have a discussion about it . everyone has their own thing that they like , i'm sure you do too and he doesn't mind it . just talk it over with him and don't doubt your entire engagement off of one thing he does .

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Heated arguments are one thing, everyone does that, getting violent or close enough to it that someone has to intervene, that's a different story in my opinion. Not saying there's a problem here, but I'd be worried if all his arguments ended like this. If he can get that heated over something trivial, I imagine he wouldn't handle the serious stuff so well. (Again, only if these heated arguments that are almost violent, is a reoccurring thing).