By unitywoods - 27/03/2009 18:43 - United States

Today, our entire crew team was at a yoga studio for an introductory yoga lesson. All my teammates could talk about how hot the yoga instructor was in her tight spandex while doing the sexy yoga poses. Everyone, including the coach, wanted to do her. The yoga instructor is my mom. FML
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In the middle of stretching you should've just walked up and gave your mom a hug, impressing your team and looking like a pimp without them ever knowing you were just hugging your mother.

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Oh man, that's definitely awkward. But, MILF!


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Oh man, that's definitely awkward. But, MILF!

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Hey look I'm near number one!!! Anyways OP can you send us a pic???

As distressing as this is, at least she's not sixty pounds overweight and having hygiene issues...

At least your mom is hot. I'll bet she has sex all the time. Think about it. I'll bet within the last week she's had steamy hot sex with a customer The scenario: Man: I can't do this yoga stretch properly

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hahaha, I can't do the splits.. can you show me again... now bend over backwards.. that's how you do it.. :P

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How much **** did you watch before posting that? Rhetorical

Wow, that's awkward. Hey, at least your mom is hot, I guess. :)

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ugh... I know ur pain, my friends think my mom is hot >_

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So, how long did they call you gay for not agreeing with your coach and teammates before you told them she was your mom?

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It's okay, little buckaroo. People are allowed to find your mom hot.