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Today, my fiancé spent three hours arguing with his mom about how Scientology is a cult followed by simple-minded asshats; she shouted at him saying Xenu will come and fuck his shit up for not believing. This woman is going to be my children's grandmother. FML
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sovetskiy 8

People that believe in that are literally retarded. It's a scam. Apparently they keep people locked up in camps, Scientologists..

oj101 33

Today's religion is tomorrow's mythology.


sovetskiy 8

People that believe in that are literally retarded. It's a scam. Apparently they keep people locked up in camps, Scientologists..

oj101 33

Today's religion is tomorrow's mythology.

It's unfair to call people retarded because of their religion. They are unfortunate brainwashed numpties.

whiteboy896 9

People who say the word asshat are literally retarted.

Shadow_Phantom 26

I don't get why people follow it either. The leaders have even admitted to it being fake. ._.

sovetskiy 8

15, I agree. Retarded wasn't to best word to use. I suppose that in my haste to claim the first comment, I put out a poorly phrased comment. Just kidding. But really, I feel sorry for OP's soon-to-be mother in law. She has been brainwashed and the Scientologists will trick her and take advantage of her, and essentially rob her. She needs to get out of there. Scientology is nothing but trouble.

Let them be retards then, I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

metaphoristic 8

Well then I suppose we're also entitled to the opinion that scientologists are retards? ^^

Fun fact: The scientology South Park episode made the scientology religion to hire privet investigators to find dirt on the creators of South Park, only to find out they were pretty normal guys.

I don't know If it was just me.. But did anyone else think of Mulan when " Xenu" was mentioned? XD. ( I wouldn't know how to spell his name though.)

MalloryKnox 8

46-grrreat episode! I immediately thought of South Park when I read this.. Tom Cruise come out of the closet right now!

it's no more real than any other religion.

BellaBelle_fml 23

19- Where did somebody use the term 'asshat' in this thread? Oh wait, it was just you! Following your own logic, you are the literal retard here.

I thought the word "retard" was used perfectly in 1's comment. I realize other religions can seem just as bogus, but Scientology seems like something out of a science fiction book. Oh wait, it is!!! By the way, I am collecting donations for my Narnian religion where Aslon will come save us when the ice queen reappears. Sounds legit right?

bingbongbingbong 11

Your 100% Correct all religion is bull scientology is as believable as flying elephants

Good lord. Some athiests I just can't stand, especially the ones that push their propaganda on everyone. If someone can find faith in something, then why would you want to interfere with that? It's not hurting you when someone believes in something. Let people be.

But it does hurt people when people take their religion to far and start trying to force their beliefs and try to demean people's rights in the name of their religion. So that being said everyone should just shut up and remember that people have the right to believe whatever shit they want as kind as they're not going around shoving their shit down other people's throats like its some magic chocolate dick

Are we just going to ignore that 19 said "retarted"

70- I totally agree. I'm Atheist myself, but my best friend is Christian. Sure, I don't agree with her beliefs, but I'm not about to try to push my beliefs on her. I can't stand people who do that. Everyone has the right to believe whatever they want, and no one has the right to take that from them.

I am an atheist and my girlfriend is a creationist. We have have debated over our beliefs but they were always clean and there was no name calling and after we still kiss and smile and are happy to be with each other. But to the guy hating atheists who shove things down people's throats, I agree about people not shoving beliefs down people's throats but its hypocritical to act like atheists are the only ones who do it. You only think atheists are bad because the ones who let you know are atheists out of the blue are the ones who shove it in other people's face. I do not share my being an atheist in random conversation that has no relevance to the topic. And besides, it's not like 4 wars have been fought over religion, oh wait...

#19 I don't think Handsome Jack is retarded. He's an asshat, the people of Sanctuary are asshats, you're an asshat and a bonerfart. I need to stop playing Borderlands 2....

WeAreAHurricane 14

Look on the brightside, at least her son came out alright :)

-91 yeah? How many non-religious organizations raise money the poor, or run soup kitchens, or educate children in third world countries, all for nothing? A lot. But a hell of a lot more are based off religious charity (not just the christians/catholics). And dont mistake my arguments, I am completely unobjective when it comes to religion (agnosticism), I also recognize that religious people (not counting muslims or jehovah's witnesses) can push too far, but at least they promote peace of mind, and not nothingness.

Llama_Face89 33

Hey now! Scientologists aren't retarded! Bat shit insane, most definitely. But not retarded. Ok maybe a little of both.

Everyone is allowed to have their own religion beliefs. Wether it be Scientology or Christianity. I personally think all religion is what causes all the problems in the world so I am an atheist. But if someone wants to believe in a religion good for them.

Because 70. When you are an atheist all you get is people trying to shove their religion down your throat. Saying all kinds of shit. So some just like to return the favour.

-149 allright, but from your own arguments we can all assume athiests are all spiteful and immature, and people of religions (not counting muslims our jehovah's witnesses) are genuinely concerned for athiests' well-being. Think before you speak.

Sorry, I usually don't include muslims or jehovah's witnesses in my arguments, because getting to heaven (in their beliefs) is specifically dependent on how many people they can convert, forcibly or otherwise.

91- there have been far more than 4 wars related to religion! Most wars have a religious undertone somewhere at least. Sigh. Can't we all just bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and we would all eat it and be happy?

136- I'm an atheist that volunteers at soup kitchens, raises money for the poor, various other community work and am heading to a third world country in the spring to help build a school and help students. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging because obviously that's not the point of service, but you make it seem like it's only religious people that do these things. Maybe I just misinterpreted your comment.

-161 You did misinterpret it, but that's okay, out seems quite a few did; I worded the comment poorly. I meant that a lot of non-religious organizations volunteer, but there are many, many more based on religious charity, and hey, I'm not religious either (well more agnostic, I guess) and I volunteer as well with the animal welfare league.

I don't promote nothingness, i promote science, knowledge and basing my life off of a fairy tail. get your facts straight dumbass. atheists can have plenty peace of mind, we just dont use a god as a crutch when the going gets tough, but rather on ourselves, family and friends. all are people who have done a hell of a lot more for me than any "god"

IconicLemon 8

At least family gatherings will be "fun"

Kn0wledge123 21

They could all gather around her depression machine.

At least the fiancé isn't the one who believes that stuff.

Two very important things to remember, Original Poster: 1, know that your fiance will always defend you when it comes to this topic. 2, don't let your kids be alone with your fiance's mom, until your they are old enough to stand up for themselves and won't come home screaming, "Xeno will come and **** your guys' shit up for not believing!"

You know, at some point in time, people probably thought the same thing about people that believed in Jesus… and now it's the worlds largest religion. Just something to think about…

I'm pretty sure christianity is not the world's largest religion.

2.1 billion people practice Christianity in some form, 33% I the world population making it the worlds largest religion.

sarahlove281 4

At least Christianity isn't a pyramid scheme...?

13- I just did some research (go figure) and you are correct. I'm an idiot.

"You know, at some point in time, people probably thought the same thing about people that believed in Jesus… " And there are still people who do. I admit, Scientology is more a dangerous, money-stealing cult than a peaceful religion, but what's the main difference between believing that Xenu will punish the non-believers or that *insert name other god* will punish them? For a non-believer, every religion has some 'whatefuck, you really believe that shit?' parts.

agonydrum 7

Does it really matter what people believe? No religion makes sense but they all teach a positive message...well most of them do anyway..

Another peaceful religion? I don't think there are very many of those...

metaphoristic 8

The message depends entirely on how the religion is interpreted. The bible has many moral teachings but it can also teach people to be cruel (e.g. the crazy people of the Westboro Baptist Church)

So what? That just means that 2.1 billion people believe in a magic man who is also his dad who has magical powers. Longevity or expanse of readership doesn't mean much as far as validity goes; if i got 2 billion people to say 2 + 2=13 it would still make no sense

Hiimhaileypotter 52

56- That's your opinion. Let's not start a religious debate here, people.

54- The bible didn't teach Westboro baptist church to be cruel. Fred Phelps did. The bible clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination, yet it never says to hate homosexuals, but rather to love and show compassion to all people. Fred Phelps taught his followers to ignore all of the context around that particular verse and pretty much any verse of the bible that says to accept everybody.

metaphoristic 8

65- sorry, I should've phrased that differently. What I meant was that people can form all sorts of interpretations from holy scriptures, it's not the books fault, it's the analysts fault.

Really 65, considering someone an abomination for being gay isn't hate?? The bible is far far from being peaceful.

He said homosexuality, not the person. Aka hate the sin and love the sinner.

Also, being able to interpret scripture and use that interpretation as justification for wielding authority is exactly why religion, when given a governing role, is dangerous and is the source of insanely stupid conflicts.

104 keep doing those mental gymnastics so you can keep rationalizing hate.

We'll talk when you read my full comment.

Again, you're rationalizing hate. Stop. Seriously can people start calling this shit out? We're a decade into the 21st and this is still a social issue? You can't defer personal responsibility because you let others decide what's moral for you.

You obviously havent seen videos about Scientology

joep1 7

I'm going to have to google this one...

What I found funny when I googled it, is that despite being called Scientology, it doesn't have much to do with science. In fact, that whole thing about "thetans" sounds more like something out of mythology.

TheDrifter 23

Likely because their belief system is based on a collection of science fiction novels? But hey, they seem to enjoy it. I'd give it a try, but I don't have 10 grand or 12 weeks for the orientation camp.

Mipz 2

Yeah, their belief system is just an excuse to be egotistical and obnoxious.

Trust me, there are worse things. Things far more people do.

metaphoristic 8

I like how specific your comment is.

I feel a certain way about this comment. Not just a way, but a certain way.

oj101 33

Ahh mothers in law. What would you do without them?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

As long as she doesn't brainwash your kids, they should be fine. ;P

Ummm, she DID have kids. She's OP's boyfriend's mom.

p3mguin 7

I don't even think you read the comment right. Brainwash OPs kids, NOT OPs boyfriend

It won't be an issue once she "disconnects" from you and other sane people who don't follow cults.

astralvagan 20

This is why Tom lost Katy.... They are raving idiots!

Proof that money doesn't always buy happiness. She thought Tom's money would make her happy. He made life for her a living hell!

lacespace 8

I'm curious how you two have so much insight into 2 strangers marriage

101 - The covers of just about every magazine. I can probably write their biographies just from what I've gleaned from the cover of US, People, and one I can't remember the name of, all while waiting in the checkout lane at the food store.

Such is the horror of modern celebrity culture... because we all need to know what celebrities eat, who they marry and how often they need to take a dump.

KiddNYC1O 20

Yeah she had enough. 96- That's pretty low. Kat's a sweetheart.

The average American has the ability to recite every married celebrity couple, even couples who are now divorced or separated, yet the same people couldn't tell you who the Vice President is if you were to ask them.