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Today, my future mother-in-law started shit-talking me on Facebook, and we got into a heated argument. She called me later in the day, saying I'll be lucky if I ever marry her son and that, "You'll suffer to your last breath." I'm now terrified to set foot outside. FML
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Carry a bottle with holy water, a silver dagger and a wooden cross in your bag. Problem solved

What a psychopath . . . If you can, OP, maybe get the police involved. That's all I can really advise . . .


What a psychopath . . . If you can, OP, maybe get the police involved. That's all I can really advise . . .

No it's ok. They all say that! Be brave op, just keep katana with you just in case though.

n_epic_fail 14

Now she sounds like the reincarnation of Hitler, sounds like she wants to gas you. "suffer till your last breath."

I'm so glad I get along with my boyfriends mom!

I really don't think anyone cares about whether or not you get along with your boyfriend.

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NEVER argue this the mother in law. Just be nice like nothing ever happened, and quietly unfriendly her. Done.

ChronicBluntz420 7

Mother in law stands for woman Hitler.

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Listen I've got some friends.. We can make this problem disappear.. Call me..

GovernorGeneral 8

^ it was the phone call that made her not want to go outside.....not fb.

108 you never go full many times do we have to tell you

I dont know about you guys but I think she sounds like a nice lady.

She sounds like Freddy and Jason on steroids T^T

You got the FaceBook messages to prove it.

Hurtful. But sadly true- Man from Alabama

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Alabama? So the "in-law" part was redundant?

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Tell ur fiancee and then he will deal withnit

Carry a bottle with holy water, a silver dagger and a wooden cross in your bag. Problem solved

jDCrackpot 7

Mother in law, rearranged, spells 'woman Hitler' and from that comment I can only suggest that if you're ever unfortunate enough to stay at her house, you avoid the shower.

Somebody bought that up in the last Mother-in-law FML :L

Argh, someone always uses this cliche on any mother in law post. Usually at least a dozen people trying to sound original. It's the most annoying cliche on them.

iamesauce 4

Argh, someone pointing out a cliche using "argh". Usually at least a dozen people try to be a dick when someone says something vaguely amusing. It's the most annoying form of douchebaggery from them.

Someone pointing out a cliché is a cliché itself. I'm looking at you, iamesauce..

Someone pointing out a cliché is a cliché itself. I'm looking at you, iamesauce..

iamesauce 4

What about pointing out that I'm pointing out someone pointing out a cliche while simultaneously double posting? I'm looking at you, A_TEEN...

Repeating said cliché and escalating a meme/comment/repetition comment war is a cliché itself, iamsauce.

iamesauce 4 least I know what a meme is. PS: The correct term is "being a dick".

It's really hard to not know what a meme is! Being on the internet exposes you to various meme's, like for example "pingas", "forever alone", "cool story bro", "umad", and the most annoying: "ARROW TO THE KNEE". You implying that I don't know what a meme is leaves me in awe...

iamesauce 4

...I didn't need to imply you didn't know what a meme was, your previous comment did that just fine.

Whoever thinks the arrow in the knee jokes are annoying, obviously isn't either a gamer or has a shitty sense of humour. Now thumb me down because I'm right.

I've never heard this one, so I'm cool.

I am a gamer, and skyrim's "arrow to the knee" meme HAVE BEEN OVERUSED TO THE POINT IT'S JUST NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!! I'm just suprised that the people thinking it's funny are still around, but then again we wouldn't have it's infamous status as an annoying meme...

You lot should try this thing called FRESH AIR...

The joy of a Mobile phone (and speaking like a brit, even though i'm not :) ) is that I can be anywhere and be on FML.

jDCrackpot 7

Oh no. I said something that someone else has said before. Well, that's my life over.

I never knew people could get so moody on the interwebz.

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120- welcome to the Internet.

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I used to be funny but then I took an arrow to the knee.

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did you tell your fiance about that psycho?

iamesauce 4

I'm sure her fiance has no idea about that psycho, because he popped out of her ****** and most likely lived with her for eighteen years.

leogirl95 12

Could've had a C-section...and he could've ran away as a child...

But if he was a run-away for 17+ years he'd most likely not be in contact with said psychopath, therefore OP wouldn't have met her and this little conversation would never have happened.

Oh don't you hate it when they do that?

YDI for starting a "heating argument on Facebook". Smh, be the adult.

You should try reading the FML properly. It's the adult thing to do. |the kid|

She didn't start it. Duh. The mother-in-law did, by "shit-talking" OP.

zebrapattern 6

yeah, and she kept it going. Facebook is getting more and more for prepubescent boys and girls each day.

It doesn't matter who started it. The cool thing about Facebook is that you can log out and not have to read the mother in law's shit talking.

You should have fired back with a vow to never let the bitch see any of her future grandchildren.

iamesauce 4

FACEBOOK: Bringing families together since 2004.

A100893 30

Restraining order? Send her to the nuthouse? Act more crazy than she does and make her fear leaving her house?

Fortunately you're marrying her son, not her. Tell her exactly where to go and how she can get there, and then go **** your lovely bride-to-be silly.

Well, darling, you know what they say: When you marry someone, you marry their family as well.

HE CAN DREAM!! Don't ruin this for him!!

Mirorbo, fortunately that's one of those sayings that just isn't true. My wife doesn't get along great with my mother, and hers drives me bonkers. We've basically agreed that both our mothers are completely insane, and we try to avoid them both as much as possible.

#19, when you marry someone, you do not marry their family. You are supposed to be an adult, get married and leave your family to start a new one. Mother-in-laws, however, seem to have a hard time accepting this. Not saying you never see them again, but once you're married your wife is your family.

Mirorbo, I don't recall ever seeing a wedding where the preacher asks "Do you take this man, his mother, father, sister and brother to be your lawfully" So yeah, don't think your logic is correct here. But if that's how you think, heaven help your daughter-in-law! :)

Fuhohoho, oh, how witty, taking a saying absolutely literally. You're a riot, darling!~

You're the one who said it, *darling*, I'm merely the one who pointed out how stupid it was. Sorry that you don't like someone expanding on exactly what you said! :)

Almighty_Chris97 6

67 - what exactly is a daughter in law?

#100, it would be your son's wife... Mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and so on! :)