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Today, I met my future mother-in-law. All went well; she complimented my dress, and I complimented her haircut. Then she and her son had a screaming match over how our children will be fat because of their mother. FML
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  Pleonasm  |  34

Re-take biology? Why, because obesity has zero links to genetics? There are plenty of sites on the human genome than can be linked to the development of obesity depending on the environment.

I understand that the child will not necessarily be fat because of the mother or because of anything in particular for that matter, but you're saying it as though the notion of predispositions and hereditary factors are something ridiculous.


I think #2 is meaning retake biology because the OP said 'their' mother, where, if it was their mother then they would be siblings. #2 should have said 'her' mother or 'his grandmother'.

  jackycat  |  17

The statement of their mother is referring to the OP because it was said by the soon to be mother in law in context to the still hypothetical grandchildren.


The OP says that her future MIL's son (ie OP's fiance) got into a shouting match with his mother over how our children will be fat because of their mother.

To me this is clearly referring to the OP and her fiance's future children, which means that "their mother" refers to OP.

  sykokitti  |  15

#45 you make no sense. OP I'm sorry that your future mil is an ignorant btch, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes... some of the most beautiful women I know both inside and out are fairly large. she maybe thin and cute on the outside, but she it's obviously ugly and rotten on the inside which makes her hideous.

  Neoking  |  4

I agree with #33, you can always cut out toxic people in your life and do your best to avoid them.

Btw, that burger in your profile pic looks fucking delicious.

  iJUSTINsane  |  12

Actually, there are genetic reasons for obesity. A slow metabolism would be a prime example of something that could be passed on. There are plenty of studies showing the connection between overweight/obese parent(s) and weight problems with kids.

That being said, it doesn't mean that OP will be a bad mother or even that she would be the root cause of her childs weight.

  imagineapc  |  11

A slow metabolism is not genetic. Your metabolism slows down due to aging, changes in hormones, lack of exercise, and all the shit you cram down your mouth. If you can't pronounce it, you shouldn't be eating it - follow that rule and stock up on toilet paper, your metabolism with skyrocket.

  Pleonasm  |  34

No. There are genetic disroders called metabolic disorders. Therefore there is a hereditary aspect to metabolism. Look up lysosomal storage disorders.

  bfsd42  |  20

25, because the wording of the fml clearly, in my opinion, hints at the op being overweight. It's just a case of reading between the lines.

By  buttcramp  |  21

OP, I'm really sorry. Prove her wrong or respectfully tell her off! Sounds to me like your fiancée stood up for you, so that's really good! He sounds like a great guy and just remember you're marrying HIM not HER!