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Today, my fiancé proposed to me. He said, "I could have picked anyone, but I chose you. You're a solid 2, which is average. Not a 10, but I'm glad you're a 2. Less pressure, ya know." I'm not sure if I should be more upset with the fact that I'm "average", or the fact that he thought this was romantic. FML
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Now it's time to say the same thing about his dick size.

Since when is a 2 "average"?? That's a straight up insult right there...


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It's still not cool. If a man loves you then you're always supposed to be a ten in his eyes.

yeah I hope the op's answer was a solid "no"

35 - well he was refered to as fiance, unfortunatly

I was rooting for a gentle no and a solid punch

@11 - I agree with the sentiment, but that's just straight-up delusional. I can love somebody and think they're incredible, but a 10 is a perfect score. If they treat me like shit and I love them despite that, calling that a 10 would be denial.

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On what scale is 2 considered "average"? Wouldn't that be like a 5? 2 sounds awful.

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#83, Staying with that person is also denial so...

At least he's not an asshole who only cares about looks.

He kind of is though. He's just lazy and thinks he can't do better. It sounds like he's settling.

once again, sarcasm has been lost upon the masses

Well he's rating OP out of 10, so he is essentially caring about looks.

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Um, but her fiancé's thoughts of her aren't exactly nice either.

Since when is a 2 "average"?? That's a straight up insult right there...

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That's exactly what I was wondering. I thought a 5 or a 6 was average. Saying she is a 2 is just mean.

Probably calling it average because that's the best he can get. Though all things considered, sounds like OP is out of his leauge

He apparently thinks that being a 2 is the norm for girls in this society which is pretty much saying the average girl is not attractive, wow!

24 - with that personality, a blow-up doll is out of his league.

So wait, on a scale of 1-10, 2 is average? That makes no sense at all. OP, that was a terrible proposal I'm hoping he was just nervous and really messed up his speech.

That's what I was thinking too, not only is he a douche, he has no sense of averages.

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for everyone saying that 2 isnt average on a 10 scale: he's saying that the majority of girls are a 2 out of 10 (to him) so she's right there with them.

Now it's time to say the same thing about his dick size.

Or that his bedroom skills are a "solid 2".

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Congrats on the engagement all the same.

Dude she said "my fiancé"... So that should tell you what she said

he should concider you as a ten no matter what!

As someone else said, even if you love someone if they aren't a 10, they aren't a 10. Saying they are is just lying.

to true 140. being honest is the way to go. lying and saying someone is a ten when they're a 7 isn't right. who cares if they're not a ten. not even the supposed models out there today are true tens with them being way to skinny and having photo shop to fix them up on top of make up