By Anonymous - Canada - Delta
Today, my boyfriend sent me a screenshot of his phone's contact list, to show me the adorable photo of us he'd set as my contact image. I guess he didn't realize that a contact called "Side Babe" was just barely in the screenshot too. FML
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  Vitotaylor36  |  13

True. Nor can you jump to irrational decisions. It's very possible that is just a joke. Maybe a very close female friend. I know a lot of people who put those joke names, similar to that one, in their phone.

By  heirofhope  |  38

Maybe it was some kind of joke he has with a friend, but definitely ask him about it. I would suggest staying calm before you know all of the details, however, be very alert until you have a confident conclusion. Hope everything works out!

  sterling1113  |  15

Believe it or not my boyfriends best friend (a guy) is in his phone as "Sexy kitty" cause of an inside joke. I didn't see it till we were dating for a few months and asked, and he explained and even showed me conversations to reassure me it was the same guy(I worked with him so I knew him also). It could be one of those situations!