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  noah_1234  |  24

I honestly wouldn't take that as an insult, I mean she has experience and everything but that still shouldn't have been said explicitly and especially on the first encounter.

By  OptimusSlime  |  23

Some people are so inconsiderate

You should've said something like "And you don't look intelligent enough to know how to make kids" or something. That would've shut her up

  Comrox  |  19

To me this comment seems a lot harsher than what her boyfriend's mother said. While I think the mother shouldn't have said this, that doesn't mean the OP should be disrespectful. Especially considering this is the mother of her boyfriend. I assume OP doesn't want to get on bad terms with her boyfriend by insulting his mother.

  littlekellilee  |  45

There's such a thing as child bearing hips.I had some people comment on mine in the past because I gain weight in my hips only, despite being slim, and my hips are wider on me, making that "angel gap". If a person with these types of hips has a kid I think it's just slightly easier to project a tiny lifeform out of you between them.


Actually, there isn't really such a thing as child bearing hips. The hips that you see when you look at women is the ilium, they are the sides of the hips and have nothing to do with having a baby. It's the hole in the middle of the pelvis that really matters, the pelvic inlet, which is not visible, and even this has other factors with childbirth.
In the past it was thought that wider hips were better, and slimmer women were not as equipped to have kids, but this has since been disproven and depends on a lot of other factors. Women of the past had poorer nutrition, health, illness and abnormalities as a whole, and of their pelvis, which probably made their hips look slimmer and definitely made them more fragile. It led to a more difficult time giving birth, but this was a health problem, not a hip size issue. If a woman is healthy, the baby is in a good position, and she is in the proper position, she is usually capable of giving birth perfectly fine, no matter what size she is. Also, the pelvis is flexible and not a fixed bone, it stretches and bends to accommodate birth.

  littlekellilee  |  45

Regardless of it being disproven, that's likely what she was referring to, unless by "shaking my hand" OP was referring to a pelvic exam. Perhaps she had heard of child bearing hips when she was young and pregnant and never needed to know different. Regardless of her being wrong, it's likely what she was referring to, which requires no medical knowledge.

By  OnlySkyrimStays  |  11

Just say, "And you don't have the right attitude to ever be around kids."