By Chemist-why - 30/01/2015 15:11 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my fiancé and I were having sex. In the middle of it he said, "I want us to be covalent bonds". I didn't understand what he meant, and he actually stopped to explain it to me. FML
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I guess it's more of a hydrogen bond now, right? Not so strong.

Lebeaugars95 20

Chemistry just isn't your thing, Na mean?


I guess it's more of a hydrogen bond now, right? Not so strong.

Don't underestimate the power of H+, especially when pumping.

Wizardo 33

I think the fiance suffered a dipole, literally.

Wiringify 22

Genius, #10.

I think you mean London dispersion since hydrogen bonds are the strongest IMFs ;)

No, I meant hydrogen bonds, since they're weaker than covalent bonds and even ionic bonds.

Hydrogen bonds are the strongest intermolecular bonds. I'd rather my relationship with my SO be inter rather than intra.

Some of these comments are a scathing indictment to the education system...

My bad, I would have said dipole dipole since they're even weaker than hydrogen bonds Though yes I am aware they're weaker than covalent and ionic bonds

tantanpanda 26

the level of retard here is STRONG. INTRAmolecular forces are way stronger than covalent bonds. London despersion forces LDF are the weakest, followed by dipole bonds, then hydrogen bonds, then the latter. No need to downvote #36 Just because you don't know what LDF are.

More like dispersion force that connects them right now

CannotBeSeen 10

Nah, Hydrogen bonds are the strongest!

It's the third time I see you commenting on a FML post. I recognize you by your profile picture xD

In strength from greatest to least it's covalent, hydrogen, dipole dipole, then London dispersion

Louie2013 12

Chemistry sex FTW

I'm married to a chemist. He likes to do it on the table, periodically.

Lebeaugars95 20

Chemistry just isn't your thing, Na mean?

That was sodium funny.

I slapped my Neon that one

I'm sad I missed out on making these puns. They were right on the tip of my tungsten.

Wizardo 33

All the good puns argon. If I can get a little He He that's good enough for me, K.

At least he didn't say that you have 67 protons.

For people who don't know, 67 is Ho.

I bet they do it on the table periodically.

#55, you ruined it.

tantanpanda 26

no need to barium.

Na I deserved it. Ill just sulphur through it.

RpiesSPIES 27

Au, I'm late.

You had a golden opportunity there, and you took it.


Lesson learn: don't ask him what it means just go along with it.

Exactly, #5. Better to just say, 'Yeah. Oh, fuck yeah!' because geeks need love too.

for those who dont know: covalent bonds are like really big versions of chimpanzees

#6 Maybe you and OP can go back to high school and take chemistry again?

What the fuck are you smoking, man.

I think 6 is just trying to troll people.

I feel like the reason there are only five other comments is because nobody wanted to think about the long explanation of what OP's boyfriend meant

Which was what, that he wanted negative forces to come between them? His comment still makes no sense to me.

Share your extra parts?

Maybe stick to simpler dirty talk?

Stop being so electro-negative about all this OP, other wise you'll jeopardise your bond.