By MLGreco - 14/10/2011 16:11 - United States

Today, for the first time, I beat my brother in a game of CoD. Not being a gamer, I was ecstatic. Later, when I was in the shower, my brother snuck in the bathroom, yelled "Napalm strike!" and threw our cat over the shower curtain like a furry grenade from hell. FML
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Cats are slowly replacing dogs as the new killstreak

Payback is a bitch... Well in this case a pussy!


Cats are slowly replacing dogs as the new killstreak

Streeet_hayley 6

Im sorry, but thats hilarious.

It's "Point streak" now. Lol i had too

The_Troller 14

What about rabid attack weasels? [/PKA reference]

Mario Kart is even worse, you get fireballs and turtles thrown at you while you're on shrooms. And there's a huge thing with spikes on his shell who's fucking your girl

50- That huge thing with spikes on his shell is my dick. I'm from Chernobyl.

anybody else wondering why she didn't lock the bathroom door while taking a shower?

KiddNYC1O 20

58- Not necessary. There're curtains, doors and knuckles.

im assuming the cat is orange?

there is actually a new model of cat gernades, once the pin is removed little kitty shrapnel shoots out of the original cat- tis a sight to behold :)

tjv3 10

your brother has made my hero list

66 I call Falcon.

*new perspective achieved*

alejandratx 8

Omg that is hilarious!! You made my night(:

I say op tosses a paintball grenade and the cat into the shower next time.

Haha I'm actually kind of salt now that you can only thumbs up a post once

TobyWhiskers 0

58- not all doors have locks. ours doesn't and we can't put one in because we're renting. OP- that would really suck. just a single scratch from a cat can really hurt. I can't begin to imagine all those claws trying to grip onto you, especially with nothing there to protect it.

58 - Most locks can be picked, especialy house locks. Mine requires the use of a semi long nail or a penny, while others need the little tube in the pen that holds the ink. And a cat seems more like a RC car. Don't seem harmful at first, but if your with it at the wrong time your likely to get angry.

You should play halo it's way better

Lol second chance

Lol second chance

megapeyt 17

Two words for you OP FRAG OUT!!!

Payback is a bitch... Well in this case a pussy! long did it take you to come up with that?

Too long I guess

isitinmybedroom 11

Probably not too long

kjbirch7 0

lol who cares how long.. it's funny

Not very long apparently, he's 2nd comment!

KiddNYC1O 20

Perfect example for "haterz gonna hate" right here.

Lol really that boy should get a life

btnhdude 0

81, I forgot all about Rocket Power, nice. When someone says 'haters gonna hate' I imagine a little kid saying, 'meanies gonna be mean.'

Seeing as how he's comment #2, not long at all.

Absolutely terrible pun! But funny nonetheless...

129 I imagine Dave chapelle singing "lovers gonna love"

117 look at your name before posting

I also realized that 117 is the number of master chief; I was gunna post it in the original comment but that would kill it

perhaps he doesn't like losing :D

BellaBelle_fml 23

What gave it away?

The part where he threw a cat.*He has a slight amount of issues. *Answered to sarcastic comment=Thumb down maybe,So I will happily add this little message to let you know..I was joking!Now you can laugh about it.

No shit Sherlock

I own everyone!

Perhaps you're an idiot.

170 nice high horse. Get off it.

CoD is for fuck-sticks like you 170

hinamori_amu 4

It's a possability

iknowimawesome 13

In my opinion, cats ARE furry grenades from hell.

I actually laughed a lot here

63 how come nobody remembers the ending...Cool story bro, TELL THAT AT A PARTY SOMETIME.

Cool story bro? Thumbs down all you want but please explain first

143 it's a saying that is designed to be sarcastic and show that it is in fact not a cool story haha :D

139 Bool Cory Sto

Cereal_Is_Good 5

Damn napalm strike will get ya every time.

bizarre_ftw 21

52 - I've read this FML 20+ times and have come to the conclusion that the phrase (especially in relation to a cat) "furry grenade from hell" will make you laugh No Matter WHAT!!!!! lol!! XD!! 21+X Btw, who else has an image of Crookshanks from Harry potter?

Naa, they just are furry grenades. Not from hell tho :)

jerico616 14

Did anyone else laugh their ass off at the words "furry grenade from hell"?? LOL!!!

Hahahaha. Yes!

silverdrake69 0

Oh man that was hella funny

sweet_blue 3

Haha yep

Yes. Yes I did

Oh man I can't stop laughing at this comment! OP, good choice of words dude!

Was the pussy hairy???

No, it's a hairless cat.

ImOlivia 5

Hmm, must have missed that information in the FML.

punkin_26 16

No 6 but it was wet!!!

bravo6310 3

funny as hell but that sucks. LMAO

Decapitation 3

Not for his brother. That means he's on at least a 5 killstreak!

Dude that just made my day a whole lot better... :)

xMeganMayhem 6

That's kind of a dick move.. Definitely fuck your life. Ah, fuck the cat's life, too.

What kind of sadist uses a cat!?

114- a raging cod player on roids

kristinleighhh 0

Seriously, im not worried about OP, im worried about the cat!

Seriously? Poor kitty? OP just got his parts ripped to shit by that fuzzy grenade from he'll and you say poor kitty?

Exactly! The poor cat was most likely terrified, and also could have been seriously hurt. Cats might be flexible, but they were not made for people to throw them around like toys :/