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By Karenfast17 - 03/03/2021 14:58 - Hong Kong - Kowloon

Today, I have to write my resume, and my teacher asked me about my secondary school activities. I'd never joined in any activities at that time, did no work experience, no volunteer work, except for two activities that I did in an institution centre this year. This all means I'm good at NOTHING. FML
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You're also not good at making up shit to pad your resume. That's what most people do!

We all have to start somewhere


malicemassacre 18

I’m assuming you’re still young. Roll up your sleeves and get too it! Life won’t hand you stuff because you mope around mad that you didn’t do something .

idkfmll 4

I'm in the exact same situation as you. I'm applying for my very first job and don't know how to make it sound like they should hire me FML

You're also not good at making up shit to pad your resume. That's what most people do!

Now, now. No need for the anxiety. You are at a young age and have plenty of life to live. Find new things to try out and enjoy the ones you do like, and keep trying new things

Warp1978 15

Here's what you do, customer service for at least a year as all jobs require this it seems, so get that under your belt now. It'll be shit work but the training and some of your coworker will stay with you for life. Then once you can do this job blindfolded and backwards you apply for a supervisor job no extra money but more responsibilities after a year either jump ship for a better job or go for the management track. It worked for me when I started out and I'm going to have to start again from the bottom when I go back to looking for a job when my kids are back in school. Hope your search goes well.

We all have to start somewhere