By monsterinlaw - 23/08/2011 14:51 - United States

Today, my obnoxious mother-in-law berated me in front of my husband's family for still working while pregnant. She says I'm harming the baby by not quitting. I'm only four months pregnant and I work as a nurse at a hospital. FML
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JocelynKaulitz 28

Good luck when the baby is born

iAmScrubs 19

If you're working when you go into labour, it will be like nurse's inception.


JocelynKaulitz 28

Good luck when the baby is born

fakeaccountX 6

Mother-In-Law = Woman Hitler.

Being a nurse doesnt mean you know how to raise kids though.

lidemocr 0

Don't think that's what she's saying 34. Though I'm sure OP will make a fine mother, the issue is about her bitch of a mother in law being ridiculous. Old people with their old school views make me SO mad sometimes.

Wow you're going to have fun once it's born - especially if you plan to work with a child, I can imagine the comments!

xoconnie 8

maybe she just wants whats best for the baby and she cares... u know her better than i do tho

47 but there is also the possibility that Op could catch a disease from one of the patients and eventually harm both OP and her baby

bluekid7 5

47- Being in a HOSPITAL does not make you or the baby you are carrying inside of you invincible.

Not an absolute rule but ya...mothers who are nurses generally are better at taking care of someone. Its what they do.

sunlovinmama 1

Why did this comment get thumbs down? You get a few idiots on the vinegar and coke post and everyone gets over sensitive

MissBoo101 0

THANK YOU 74 that was what I was going to say, probably 50% of people that are in a hospital are probably sick and thee is probably a good chafe that working there with all those diseases could harm the baby! Sry but I agree with the MIL

Wow. Remind her tht your a nurse and your giving birth to ther grandchild. That would shut her up.

Sadly, assholes like her mother-in-law NEVER shut up....

Uraharas_Bankai 1

Then OP should tell her to shut the heck up or she'll never be able to see the grandchild until she writes an apology. That crazy mother-in-law will never say sorry after being so rude.

twisted54 1

Children are not bargaining chips 33...:)

Max24KB 0
ReynshineCutting 10

54- No they are in that sense. I wouldn't let anyone see my kids if they were going to bitch about how I raise them.

morgan020 0

Thank goodness my mil is amazing. It's my own mother that constantly feels the need to tell me how to raise my son. Finally she asked me a couple weeks ago why she never sees him. I told her that until she can mind her own business and keep her unwanted comments to herself then she wouldn't be seeing my child. She hasn't been mean since. So yes they are bargaining chips in a way. You just have to have enough of a backbone to do it. Never let someone else make you feel inferior when raising your child. It is your child and you need to do what you feel is best, whether that's not allowing grandparents to see them or not. It is your job to protect them from crazy people and if that's your own family well then you do what you have to do.

twisted54 1

It was always just understood in my family that while at grandmas her rules were followed and while at home my rules were followed. But neither my mom nor MIL are/were bad so I guess my perspective may just be a bit askew. I still believe the problem can be resolved without using the child as a weapon. It's the adults problems so keep the kid out of it. IMO...:)

iAmScrubs 19

If you're working when you go into labour, it will be like nurse's inception.

dickydickman 0

Birthception? laborception? damn i suck at inception jokes

Ok now I seriously need to learn photoshop.

wouldn't a hospital be the worst place to work while pregnant? higher likelihood of passing something infectious to the fetus that wouldn't ordinarily be harmful to an adult. granny's right

xk75 4

Sorry but I'm gonna go w ydi for marrying a spineless mama's boy who allowed this to happen, I doubt this outburst was the first abusive rant against you. Welcome to the rest of your life!

Are you saying we need to choose our partners by their mothers character? And if our future mother-in-law isn't as nice as we expect her to be, we need to dump our man because of her? Boy, you're talking shit. I choose my partner by his personality, not by that of his mother. Ofcourse, it's pretty sad for OP if her husband never stand up for her, but that tells more about him than about the mother-in-law.

twinny_sc 13

I think she was saying if OP's husband would have let his mother know not to talk to his wife that way then this wouldn't have happened. And she assumes that since OP was treated like this then it wasn't the first time this has happened.

I'd have my mother leave my home if she was talking to my wife like that. Op does have a spineless husband. The mother probably has something to do with that.

Hey Djeepee, try reading 4's comment again because you COMPLETELY missed the whole point of 4's comment. Apparently your urge to jump down someone's throat was so strong that you couldn't have been bothered to actually read the comment. I'm more than a little disturbed that so many people thumbed up such an ignorant comment.

4's comment is full of assumptions, such as assuming it wasn't the first time the in-law was a bitch and assuming that her husband didn't stick up for her. The FML is about being wrongly berated, but dosent say what happened afterward.

It wouldn't be a FML if her husband defended her. She would have been happy, not posting a FML .

kaylib7162 6

Also it states that this happened infront of her husbands family, her husband may not have even been there at that point in time.

well, given that the mil had her rant, I don't think OP's husband said anything... spineless arsehole...

How do you know? He could have been shut up every time he tried to stand up for her. Don't judge if you don't know.

xaviiboo 9

She sounds like mother in law from hell. I'm sorry. I'm not going to try to be "helpful" and say 'Well did you try talking to her and explaining where you work?' because that would be dumb. However, I don't think you should let her get to you or control you in any way. That's just wrong. Maybe get your husband to talk to her. You may have done that already but it's a thought if you haven't.....

I don't know what to say about this. It's just horrible. But I can imagine what she will say if you miscarry

brohamas16 7

she needs to chill the **** outtttt

Majstr 23

Dunno if you have more children, but in case you don't, it's your time to learn mom stuff, hers was long ago. It's your child. Don't let the grandma decide what's best for him/her. And where's your husband?

sunlovinmama 1

It's extremely irritating for a know-it-all older person to stick their nose in your biz or insist on not following commonly understood safety practices because: "I raised 3 kids of my own and they are fine"... I've had to get rid of a sitter for insisting on laying my baby face down and trying to make me feel stupid for telling her to keep her on her back while sleeping.. A main preventer of SIDS and common sense since newborns don't have neck strength or control to protect themselves from smothering. Put her straight now or you will have to keep hearing her annoying and outright scary (if shes babysitting), outdated nonsensical childcare practices

You had better stand up to her now and set her straight now because this is only gonna get worse when the kids here and she decides to give you her "suggestions" on how to raise him/her