By cduran2011 - United States
  Today, since I was taking a dump in my wife's parents' house, I lit a candle so that it wouldn't stink. While still sitting down, I went to blow it out and apparently, no matter how strong of a man you are, you will still scream like a little girl if hot wax falls on your penis. FML
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  enonymous  |  8

28 To be fair I'm not sure he's old enough for that to happen yet..

I also put out my cigars on my penis and bench press with it. I'm up to a bic pen and 4 paper clips each side

  13FTW  |  9

Enonymous, what about a pack of trident layers?! If you've got them in your legit candy van you have to be able to cock press a trident layers pack. Nuff' said.

  DerekBlaskie  |  6

Your obviously cool #102 since your the "cod god" and all.. Tell me.. How's it feel being best friends with thousands of 12 year olds and still having no one to hang out with you..