By Anonymous - 19/06/2009 17:52 - United States

Today, my mom thought it would be a good idea to see what websites I go on from my computer while I wasn't home. She clicked the link that gave my computer a virus that I just got rid of a few days ago. FML
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This is why you delete your history.

That is also why you lock your computer.


LOL that sucks

If you really got rid of it, you would have cleaned EVERYTHING including your browser's cache. I hope you never work as a computer technician.

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Don't be a doucher, let's just sympathize with the dude.

the YDI option is there for a reason. Because we are not required to sympathize with OPs. And #59 is 100% correct. He should have cleared the internet cache to prevent reinfection. It's the equivalent of drinking out of an unwashed water bottle after getting over the flu.

the only reason you would do that is to prevent a situation like this, OP obviously didn't expect his mom to go through his history, and remembered website as to not go there any more

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is it just me because once I got to the checking your computer when u weren't home part I expected to here about how she found your excessive porn collection >.

At least it wasnt porn lol

This is why you delete your history.

that's probably how OP got the porn off (assuming the virus wasn't dirrivred from a porn site)

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andd you wouldd kno that why?!Slut youu just admittedd you've watchedd porn

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what the hell? what gives u the right to call her a slut?? she didn't edmutt to anything. porn sights carry viruses that wipe your computer clean it's a possibility u dont have to watch porn to know that dumb ass.

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stupid little girl. holy Shit.

I agree with #2 especially if it gave u a virus

That is also why you lock your computer.

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passwords FTW

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wtf?! whatever happened to privacy. what is wrong with moms and their extreme paranoia? GEEZ! put a password on your account next time, though.

That's not even my comment... it glitched, which is why there are two #5.

I bet that if I reply here, it'll make an extra reply to the palm pilot comment.

I was just thinking that... Maybe the wife? Go dig it up though. If you have insurance on it, there should be no problem.

lol delete history smart one :P

Just fix it again. You did it once, you can do it again

for a good amount of $$$$

...What was it a link to?

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moms are so nosey.