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By  KayleeFrye  |  39

There is one reason I bothered to read the comments on this post. I wanted to see how many people made dumbass comments about how you can't drive to England because it's on an island. Thank you for entertaining me with your cluelessness!

  oboewhore_xD  |  6

I didn't realize that was there a tunnel or something for road traffic now?

D: And OP, poor you. At least nobody didn't have burritos for dinner the night before.

  suppressed08  |  2

Ah the euro-tunnel. A long, really hot, sweaty trip under the sea. I went through it a few years ago with our school to France. It's alright, but use air con were possible methinks.

It's not YDI for saying mum...hell, I'd rather say mum than mom...

I couldn't do a 48 hour trip :/

  lottiebearx  |  10

'#61, your ignorance to the fact that that is a train line, and not a car roadway is amazing.' - What part of my previous post, in which I stated that the Channel Tunnel is a '31mile train line' did you not understand? And where did I mention a 'car roadway', exactly?

  RatTatTat  |  0

#107 the op says they took a car but you are talking about a 31 mile train tunnel, hence #64 saying what she said. not trying to be an ass, just clearing things up. hopefully i did, lol.

  hippiechick96  |  3

I seriously thought u had to take like a ferry or something to go across the English channel. so are u guys joking when u talk about an underwater tunnel or is there seriously one? cause if there is that's amazing! o.o

  pertained  |  12

Oh, and yes you can go through the euro-tunnel by car, like next to where the eurostar runs. Personally, I take the eurostar alot more, so I wouldn't know about this hot and sweaty car ride.

  Shokz992  |  0

147 - I don't care enough about the details to have a rant about them, I care about the fact not everyone knows about the f***ing channel tunnel, I mean seriously?

  Tadeusz_fml  |  5

There is a tunnel under the channel, and if there wasn't there are ferries.
The tunnel is for trains, but the trains often have large compartments in which you can park veichles.
The journey takes up to an hour.
It is an incredible feat of engineering. However, it has not been around since World War Two.

  lottiebearx  |  10

The Channel Tunnel, a stretch of railway that travels under the English Channel from Folkstone to Calais, in which cars and their passengers are loaded onto double storey train shuttles, and freight such as lorries or large coaches are put into containers, and their passengers/drivers provided with carriages. Similarly, they could have used the ferries. How do you think we get most foreign produce in this country? Those European lorries gotta come from somewhere..

  hamster_10  |  2

yeah it is but you can go under the channel between France and England through the channel tunnel or get your car on a boat across and then just drive across Europe