By dontworrybehappy - 28/08/2010 06:07 - United States

Today, I was in the car going to a concert with my family. I was listening to my iPod, when the wheel broke and I couldn't change the song. So for the rest of the trip, I was stuck either listening to my parents arguing, or Don't Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin on repeat. FML
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that is kinda ironic

Aaand you, my dear, are a grade A moron.


don't worry be happy

jump out of the car... tuck an roll

U will be alright. It not like ur going to die..right? Are im i right?? 

isn't it Bobby marlin?

wow fyl i hope u can continue your life without serious psychological harm this is just a real fml!

put it with it! they're your FAMILY. shouldn't take the time you spend with them for granted, no matter how lame.

LMAO =) it's a sign just don't worry be happy cuz your with your family

you should have bought an itouch instead :)

No radio?

Yeah #25, there was another FML just like this except the dude flipped his car, and injuring his collarbone.

ydi for even listening to that song.

show your parents the song...?(:

#25 I remember that, too, something about rolling a car on the highway and not being able to move with this song stuck on repeat lol

um how is this an fml?

3-ur hot (:

it's Bobby McFerrin btw

It would really suck if the concert OP was going to was Bobby Ferrin /:

it's a good song!

who goes to a concert with thier parents? seriously YDI for not having any friends to go with u instead.

You'll survive. My dad used to listen to oldies station AND argue with mom (no ipods or mp3s then either)

Just out of curiosity #76, how old are you?

That song is awesome. And if you have it on your iPod then it means you like it. YDI

3 reminds me of shane dawson

ipod touch baby :) why would u have a nano anyways? are u poor?

it's Bobby McFerrin

#86, Nanos aren't the only iPods with wheels.

y was it on repeat in the first place. if it wasn't on repeat u would have gone on to other songs. way to be d-u-m stupid

Bobby McFerrin is awesome, but he hates how everybody only knows that song.

ydi, that song sucks. plus for the iirst 13 years of my life I had no mp3 player so I had to listen to all the arguing. no radio?

YDI for not listening to drake.

iPod "cheer up" win lol

At least it wasnt Justin Bieber? :D

;( am I the only person who likes that song?

at least it's a good song?

number 3 is cute :) and hahaha.

#78 I'm actually 23...why?

try "i get knocked down" or whatever its called for 3 hours...fucking elmers glue and little cousins

who listens 2 that song ?

It was a sign from the Almighty, you ungrateful bitch.

This is probably just me (and I'm a smart-ass), but I would start doing a play-by-play commentary for the argument in my boredom. "Oh and here comes Mom with an amazing retaliation! Dads former argument about wearing the pants is in trouble here. Oh, but wait, mom might be in trouble here...Dad's giving the old 'I'll turn this car around' gimmick. Stay tuned for the halftime report." You can see I'd be a terrible sports announcer. But in Japan, I'd be a HIT! I'd just scream everything that happens like it was the best thing since sliced bread. "RAAAAAAAAMMMMEEEEEENNN." I don't know where I was going with this. *mumbles* and it wound up here. My plans are getting foiled a lot lately.

^ I chuckled

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haha how did this get neg votes?

Aaand you, my dear, are a grade A moron.

Because sometimes people cant afford them are u mentally retarded

omg I'm sorry!! that sucks!

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I love him >>

In my school we used to have to sing that song all the time, so we all loved him. I'm in Ohio too, lol.

I was gonna argue with you... and then I looked at your picture. How are you today good sir?

yeahh who has that on their iPod ? fyl

Politely tell your parents to stfu. Problem solved. Or turn up the radio. :/ Idk, but seriously, this isn't really fml worthy, imo.

that is kinda ironic

love the pic haha.....