By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Hull
Today, my brother started ranting about how fluoridated water is a conspiracy to "turn people gay". I said the government must be doing a shit job of it, since he's been drinking the stuff longer than I've been alive and is still married to a woman. He punched me so hard, my vision blacked out. FML
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  ewildawe  |  9

Actually, water is fluoridated because the enamel in your teeth requires floride to protect from the lactic acid that the bacteria in your mouth produce. Fluoride is just there to protect your teeth.

  Soparot  |  29

Wait, I thought the tinfoil was to block aliens from mind reading you... Unless... Does this mean the government is built up out of aliens?!? *screams inside*

  tantanpanda  |  26

The F- ion in our water supply converts our hydroxyapatite into fluorapatite, making it resistant to acids from bacteria and from the foods we eat. People should learn about the chemistry around them before making such stupid comments.

  Xamry14  |  10

Key words are "high enough amounts". The concentrations are not high enough to be toxic. Alcohol can also be toxic in "high enough amounts" but I still enjoy it immensely.

  Xcizer  |  17

The Government is made up of lizard people sent down by the aliens to colonize earth for the gem mining industry. Haven't you kept up with Keep Beach City Weird?