By green2black - 19/05/2010 07:09 - United States

Today, I finally found the girl of my dreams, she's smart, loyal, energetic and adorable. There's one problem. She's a Golden Retreiver. FML
I agree, your life sucks 442
You deserved it 72

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Beastieality is ILLEGAL

You should get out more then....


You should get out more then....

Nice, but yeah get out more.

peanut butter anyone?

I hope you haven't tried to make love to her ...

First >.> just saying...

@OP , @7 This made me laugh!

whoever she is, just go take her!

Beastiality is a hell of a thing.:/

could be worse....

krizzel yeah so can I

I love my Teddy-Woof too. She's my bestest friend in the whole world... XD

Doggy style. that's all.

^ And I'm the creepyguy?

ahahahahahahahahah nice

44 is ultimate win

David Caruso you're my hero!! <3

mmm yes if you like your women hairy, very very hairy.

#7.... tried ? XD

haha I see no problem (;

wow, your perfect girl is a hairy dog they licks its butt. nice dude

sounds like a bitch to me.

Couldn't agree more :)

This really made me LOL I didn't see it coming.

You got yourself a bitch

Doggies are cool but they're not that cool

they are so fluffy and cute

find yourself a poodle and you've got yourself a threesome

44 you have just made my day!!! Major win on your part. =) And thanks for the laugh!

Budda you have a naked baby smoking a ciggarette whilst left unattended in a childs swimming pool, an you think op has problems haha ur funny brah.

OMFG You sir made my day.

so you forgot to mention she's a bitch

beastiality is cool bro. you could set up your own website and all. cash cow I say.

who do you think is holding the camera? another baby?

Well even though I do not condone rape (bestiality is animal rape since the animal can't consent) dogs can't talk so you could get away with it. My advice: use the dog to pick up chicks. you've seen the puppy rental commercial haven't you? say you rescued her(him?) and girls will fawn over you.

op, you are a sick puppy,(no pun intended) and I feel very, very sorry for your dog

Hahahaha..... number #44 is WIN of the week!!!

Kinda weird bro, doesn't the cashier wonder what your doing with all that peanut butter?

mans best driend

i almost shit myself reading csi's comment


hey its whats in the inside that counts not the furry outside

LOL atleast u found the girl of ur dreams right? haha diff species but whatever, still smg..

It's actually BESTiality.

heh heh heh CSI like puns make me chuckle.

Whether or not this is an FML really depends on the stance you have on beastiality.

ouch. ' :O that's just plain sadd no offense :)



Beastieality is ILLEGAL

no shit,sherlock. it's been illegal since the beginning of time

Yes, it is and I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of "inner-species erotica" comments now.... _waits for it. OP, you need to get out there and have a social life. When your dog starts looking like the perfect girlfriend it is time for a vacation!

sorry tiger, but I think I'm gonna have to call you out on that fact you just pulled out your ass. it hasn't been illegal since the beginning of time. maybe you would know that if you spent less time playing golf and cheating on your wife, and more time reading...

@18 I lol'd. :]

I took a guess. not my fault,

plus,I like golf

really?!? never would of guessed that captain obvious

Not if its over 40lbs

I've heard it's still legal in Holland, I was told by a polite Dutchmen.

actualy it's legal in my state...

No it's not. And I'm Dutch too.

Aww you'll find someone eventually :)

He already did.

um yah shes your bitch lol dont fuck her man

hahaha, that made me laugh :L

Never fall in love with a bitch. ;]

dude! no animal abuse. lol

Ok. Everybody is a dog in someway.

Care to elaborate on that...?