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By RP Havens - 10/01/2013 06:25 - United States - Galloway

Today, my grandmother called me to tell me that there will be a nice, single guy for me to meet at the family reunion. She went on and on about how perfect he was for me. I didn't have the heart to tell her I'm a lesbian, and have been out to the rest of the family for over six years. FML
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A guy at the family reunion? He's a family friend right?...and not a relative

Maybe he has a sister.


A guy at the family reunion? He's a family friend right?...and not a relative

It's secretly her cousin.

13. incest. :)

No, you don't say!

The family that sleeps together stays together. ;)

19 Is that the true reason for divorce?:O Well aside from marriage..

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Exactly, if she wasn't good enough for her family, why should she be good enough for mine?

Am I the only one that just heard Jeff foxworthy in my head when I read this?

If you'd told your grams along with the rest of the family, this wouldn't even be an issue. YDI, OP.

I can understand why op didn't want to tell her grandma. In my family I have an uncle and cousin that didn't tell grandma. My cousin finally did which was surprising, but you have to realize not everybody is accepting of this especially people from their time.

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21, surely if OP were to tell her nan again she wouldn't remember it from the first time so she wouldn't technically be reminding her she has a condition or that she's old? I think it's just due to her being from a generation where it wasn't heard of like it is today. :)

My grandma couldn't keeps secret if her life depended on it.. ._.

Even if not a lesbian, there's also the rule about not finding romance at family reunions. I guess it more of a guideline and not a strict rule.

Awkward. Can you meet the person to appease her wanting to help? Then gradually let her in on the news?

Try to tell let her down easily? Although it might be a bit of a dificult task since she probably has an old fashioned mind...

Maybe he has a sister.

Maybe that sister is straight.

^Looks like we've got a Donny Downer!

Ask him to hide his junk like the dudes on and you two can get along swimmingly!

I just read that FML. Lol.

But if your swimming how you hide it?? O.o

That's funny. I had just read that too!

Well OP you better not tell granny the truth, she will have a heart attack....And you don't want to be known as the lesbo killing granny.

I think you mean the 'granny killing lesbo' lol

Haha yeah damn, I reread my comment it made me crack up.

That's cute though your grandmother is trying to help. She sounds like a great person you should tell her your lesbian I'm sure she wl support you

My Grammy is super supportive and if I ever needed help finding a great guy shed find me someone from her church.... But if I ever told her I was into women, she would disown me.

my cousin is a lesbian and my grandma is proud of her for being honest about it

That's great that your family is supportive... Not everyone is a Brady Bunch (purely a sarcastic joke)

Fun fact: The actor who played the father on the Brady Bunch was gay.

A man to meet at a family reunion? What the fuck? Am I missing something here??

It could be a third of fourth cousin (which doesn't really count as relative, genetically), or a family friend.