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  wlddog  |  14

Why not?
I say whatever I desire, because it is a free country. First Amendment rights and all.
Just like the grandmother can be as honest as she wants.
That is what makes all this possible.
You can tell me whatever you want, and I fully support your right to say it.
I see that my comment did not make you happy, but that is ok too.
It would be a horrible place to be if you were scared to say something because it could hurt someones feelings somewhere.

  plaguer  |  26

Wouldn't and couldn't are not the same thing, so I'll just ignore the amendment garbling at the beginning of the comment. If for some reason a family member makes a rude comment about your lifestyle and image and you can ignore it, fine by me. Most people take offense to being told something so insensitive.

  Shrike  |  22

45- Did you really just refer to the internet as a country? And tell me how an amendment to the US Constitution that's designed to guarantee people's right to criticize or petition the government even applies in any situation other than, well, to criticize or petition the government?

By  maz95  |  17

Well OP, whenever you're feeling worthless and upset about something, just remember that you were once the quickest sperm cell! That'll do it! :)

  Pleonasm  |  34

A) We are diploid beings, not haploid, so we /aren't/ a sperm cell, we are the fusion of sperm and egg. A sperm is a sperm, a human being is a human being.
B) The fastest sperm cell isn't the one who will give a human being; fusion requires a collective effort of many sperm and it is only the luckiest, most oppurtunistic, so let's say the most lazy-I'll-mooch-off-of-everyone-else's-work sperm who will fuse!
So next time you feel down and out just think how you screwed over all those other potential yous who sacrificed themselves for you!
Hooray for learning!