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shoulnt be dating boys with girlish looks and long hair should have told everyone it was your boyfriend should have given it to your coworkers for that


I personally like guys with longer hair. (My hair goes all the way down my back anyway) It doesn't exactly mean they look like a girl, it can even make them look more like a dude, or just older. Guys usually have a heavier more square-like build, but there are cases that guys DO in fact look a little bit like a girl. My guess is OP's boyfriend is pretty small (maybe 5' 8" which is a little short for most guys) and might be a little lanky. He most likely didnt have any facial hair, and his hair might have been a little longer, but even then he'd still resemble a male figure. They probably thought he was a more masculine lesbian OP, just see if he'll bulk up some :)

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