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Today, my elderly neighbor had asked me to take her to her early morning doctor's appointment. I arrived at her house at 7:30 as agreed, and she appeared to have forgotten who I was. She started lobbing eggs out of her window at me, telling me she wasn't interested in what I was selling. FML
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This is eggxactly why I can't wait to be old, and get away with trolling the young.

Now you see why she needed that appointment.


This is eggxactly why I can't wait to be old, and get away with trolling the young.

You've gotta be yoking me with the puns again.

I know, it's not too egg-citing, but I've put all my eggs in the pun basket. I can't seem to hatch too many other ideas and i'm too chicken to try other stuff.

You must've really scrambled your brains for those. Not exactly over easy to think of these puns.

No need to egg-xaggerate, my friend. It might be a challenge, but when egg-xecuted right, puns can make you crack up.

The old lady is not setting a good eggsample.

challan 19

I'm trying to come up with a reply for you yokes, but I'm hard boiled to find one. Beats me! O'm lette you guys take it from here.

Your sarcasm will not disguise your jealousy, you can join in, too! Don't be chicken ;)

Some of these puns are eggcellent! They far eggceed my eggspectations.

jojimugo 20

This is eggxatly what I needed after a long day

hen you guys stop this eggbaressment of a pun thread?

You really ****-ed that one up ^ 56 :p Just kidding, but the yokes on you since you want us to stop but you pun all the while. Anyway, after an eggs-cruciating amount of puns on this thread, it's about time to scramble, no?

I've been kinda scrolling this thread to see Pleonasm reply to this.. And it happened! :))

RadeonDerp 24

No wonder there isn't more chicks on this site

65 - I cracked up at that for some reason. No wonder, indeed...

I didn't eggs-pect that many puns. Truly eggs-tarordinary!

countryrose92 23

Nice guys... Nice. I appreciate your enthusiasm. :)

eggscuse me yolks but I think the puns should come to an end before someone gets their brain fried.

mvc3ftw 17

These are all Grade A egg puns

zero4life123 7

I beat she had the trolololol song playing...

zero4life123 7

I'm pretty sure she does if she is throwing eggs out the window...

RpiesSPIES 27

Because internet memes are directly related to eggs, right?

zero4life123 7

Yup everyone know that. Wtf was I thinking must of been drunk or something when I posted that one...

Try to catch the eggs and start juggling to amuse her!

I'm not sure that would be among the things you think of when a crazy lady is throwing eggs at you.

I don't recommend this. It will probably frighten her and she'll just throw more eggs or something else.

Like some kind of carnival folk! That might scare her though, carnival folk can be scary people. Fun people, but scary.

@51 maybe her frying pan and stove so she can make her scrambled eggs ?

jodakast 3

haha, then she'll call the cops for some crazy guy stealing her eggs! X-)

Now you see why she needed that appointment.

chelsearenaeee 16

At least they were eggs and not something harder. Or her teeth.

Am I the only one that's reminded of the movie "Teeth" for some reason..

RedPillSucks 31

Well, presumably she only has one set of teeth. Eggs come in cartons of 6, 12, 18, or 24

chelsearenaeee 16

I didn't say it had to be several teeth

RedPillSucks 31

I'm saying that with teeth, she gets one chance to hit OP, where as with eggs, she may get twelve. Thirteen, if you count the carton.

chelsearenaeee 16

Ah okay, thanks I didn't get that at first

He he, are you sure that she had an early doctor's appointment? Probably just had too many eggs and wanted a little fun!

countryrose92 23

Best idea EVER for when I am old. Haha thanks. :)

What are you complaining for OP, you've got free eggs now, go make yourself an omelette!

nnnope 26

You should've told her you were selling chocolate, and if she rubbed it on her skin she'd live forever

I'm Chocolate with Nuts for that Spongebob reference

nnnope 26

26 - you love LoZ? then I love you too c;