By speechless - / Saturday 1 June 2013 00:50 / United Kingdom - Wallasey
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  mmaflake  |  19


By  a7x_rever1  |  7

Look on the brightside you're still alive! Things could have turned out worse!

By  samreimer  |  7

The lesson here: always believe everything the media tells you.

  Shrike  |  22

Shaky or not, you're probably gonna feel them. That's why most pickpocketers rely on bumping into their victims or making other physical contact so they don't even realize what's going on in their pockets or elsewhere. The more you know, right?


Today, I went to a store. I was wearing a shirt that I'd bought from the very same store, and was accused of stealing. When I tried explaining, the manager said I was lying because I'm a teenager and "all teenagers are full of shit." FML

By PapaMoti / Thursday 15 August 2013 08:04 / Canada - Toronto

Today, I went to an ATM intending to withdraw $150. I approached the machine, inserted my card, typed in my pin and followed the prompts. When my card came out, I removed it, put it in my pocket and drove off. FML

By kaailin / Thursday 19 February 2015 13:29 / Australia - Magill
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