By speechless - 01/06/2013 00:50 - United Kingdom - Wallasey

Today, at the supermarket, an old lady asked for directions to the produce aisle. Having read way too many stories lately on this very site about awful elderly folks, I was wary, but helped her out. She gave me an awkward hug in thanks, lifting my wallet in the process, as I later found out. FML
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That's horrible... Society really is going downhill.


So next time, you will know to kick an old bitch in the kneecap and flee.

Reminds me of the movie Dirty Dancing. There are some sneaky old people out there!!

That's horrible... Society really is going downhill.

In this case, in a wheelchair...

Please stop. I can't stand these wheelchair jokes.

I see what you did there.

Oh wheel you stop being such a pansy? Chair just jokes!

Look on the brightside you're still alive! Things could have turned out worse!

Yeah. She could have been a violent crazy serial killer. On a positive note, the elders are getting really messed up. Report her OP.

You were warned and you still got trolled by troll grandma. Fml is supposed to keep you from making the same mistakes as other people

TorturedXeno 27

You shoulda listened, OP!

Sometimes you have to make the mistake yourself to really learn from it.

Passing down life lessons, one shitty mishap at a time!

Grandma's sneak skill increased to 99.

Sneak skill increases with age. Or matches age haha

Her thieving level is 99. Someone will get it

I believe it's Grandma's Pickpocket Skills Increased to Level 99 lol

Who ever thumbed 43 down he is actually correct. And pick pocketing is part of the thriving skill.

I guess the question is how many cakes has she stolen to get to a point of being able to pickpocket so smoothly?

pickpocketing is a skill in Skyrim and CAN be leveled up.

ACTUALLY, you guys crashed the aborted fetus of what was coming to be an Elder Scrolls nerding-party, what with the "Sneak skill increased to 99."

The lesson here: always believe everything the media tells you.

Forget the media; movies is where I get my information, especially when there are superheroes involved. I'm certain those are true.

Agreed 15- and i also like wearing my undies on the outside... Makes me feel super!

you can't feel grandmas shakey hands go into your butt pocket?

Shaky or not, you're probably gonna feel them. That's why most pickpocketers rely on bumping into their victims or making other physical contact so they don't even realize what's going on in their pockets or elsewhere. The more you know, right?

What's up with them elderly nowadays?

You should have gone with the instincts you learned from FML!