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  ur2nvthis85  |  3

He said the concept of pushing the on/off button hasn't changed in a long time and that is incorrect since buttons aren't even necessarily needed with new TVs.

  everton99  |  16

No you shouldn't go live in the country. We don't take kindly to people who hate everyone. Go live at one of the poles that way you can just kill penguins when they forget how to turn off their "ice" boxes.

By  Wambachuki  |  5

One of the best methods to fix it is to put masking tape over all the buttons they won't need. Leave the channel, power, volume and mute uncovered. Then they only have to try 6 buttons.

  rs89  |  20

I used to do that with mom. I even used stickers using the traffic lights (green, yellow and red) on the microwave buttons so she wouldn't get confused alone and it worked perfectly.

  connormadden  |  5

I did that with my grandpa. He managed to push all the wrong buttons anyway. then I couldn't find the right buttons to fix the problem under the tape. Solution was to actually cut the buttons off the remote

  fsomelife  |  26

Subsequent FML: "Today, I was woken up by my elderly neighbor banging on my door at 2am. She needed 'urgent' assistance as she had forgotten how to turn her TV ON. I'd just fallen asleep. FML"

By  sarawrs  |  13

My grandmother does the same thing when i stay with her. Right when I fall asleep she wakes me up because she forgot how to use the remote at all despite the remote I got her with huge buttons to help