By Anonymous - Netherlands
Today, an old lady asked me the way to the shopping mall. The shopping mall was not too far away, but I could see that the lady could barely walk so I offered to drive her there. She smacked my car's door into a pole while getting in my car. She didn't even notice that she'd done something wrong. FML
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  TurboTalon  |  0

I agree with opening the door for her. If she could barely walk why didn't you help her get in?

That being said, had it been my car, someone would be losing a granny.

  aardvarkish  |  15

11, I just gotta say, That reminds me of a crusty old sergeant we had in Iraq, who would walk around smoking a pipe and saying things like "What the fuck is your major malfunction, Soldier??!!" (since we were army) and "Wake up and get on patrol, you lazy sack o' shit! You'll sleep when you're dead!"

His act was pretty funny, though. But he stopped that after the casualties really started.

By  adrii09  |  0

your comments showed up ma. chill out lol u got #1 & #2

and did it even do any damage to your car? cuz I kno I've backed into poles, and cars, and had cars run into me and swung my door open and hit a million other things and my car is still in 100% condition :) lol

  redsox4021  |  0

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