By Anon. - 02/01/2013 21:53

Today, my dog died. We planned to get her cremated and keep the ashes. My sister put forward the idea of putting the ashes in our food so our dog can be "inside of us, always." She's completely serious. I'm scared to eat food from her now. FML
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But what if OP's sister digs up the dog and cremates it herself?

May I ask which rule in the Commenting Policy I broke that led to my comment being moderated?

That is not on the commenting policy, and even if it was, where do you draw the line? Is a joke about drunken Irishmen or fat Americans or polite Canadians unacceptable also? And Chinese isn't a race.

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My puppy just died too. I hate death.

Sometimes the best way to honor a passing pet is to save a life by adopting another one from your local shelter in his/her honor. I'm sorry for your loss. I know it sucks.

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Or go scatter his ashes in a doggy park.

Sounds like your girlfriend was on my strange addiction. If she ever wants to reveal any secrets, be scared.

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Stay away from protein powder ;)

Yeah, but avoid all red meats as well. What if she gets smart, skips the whole cremation step, and just prepares the corpse for consumption? Saves money on both services AND food! D:

And the ashes would only be inside of them for a day or so. Then it would be shit...

A certain lil puppy is getting creeped out! D:

um your dog might be in you food food

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That made absolutely no sense. Wait maybe.. No no, absolutely no sense at all.

Actually, cheaper brands of pet food that say they are made with 'meat meal' or 'meat by-products' is just a gentle way of saying 'dog and cat meat'. So technically, if the dog wasn't cremated, it could be dog food. >.> Comes from euthanized animals, and even if they specify meat, most of the meat that goes in is from dead, dying, and diseased animals unfit for human consumption. I worked in and around the pet food industry ten years. My dog eats raw. That should tell you something. >.>

That's just sick. Bury that poor animal before your sister gets to it.

But what if the dog's dying wish to the sister was, "Canine be inside of you?"

Ask her if she realy wants to shit her own dog out.

She might get excited thinking she'll shit a live dog!

Wow 56, weirdest mental image of the day...

reminds me of that strange addiction episode where a lady ate her husbands ashes, you know totally normal

It's like sprinkling on weight loss powder.

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I'm pretty sure ashes can kill you if you eat them. So that's really not a good idea. Not to mention it's really creepy too. I think you should make your own food for a while until she forgets het idea.

I doubt it. We eat burned things all of the time (check out the little black spots the next time you eat grilled chicken), so at most it could possibly be uncomfortable. Unless the dog had all kinds of embalming fluids and chemicals in her at the time.

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Eating ashes can't kill you. Mostly all that's left after cremation are minerals. It's not like you're eating the person or animal, it all gets burned to basic elements.

Yeah, in some tribes it's part of the funeral ritual to make a soup using the dead person's ashes and then everyone from the town takes a sip. So no, it won't kill you and actually she's not the first person to have this idea.

Uhm yeah ashes won't kill you in some areas they eat the charcoal left over after burning wood to clean their teeth even. After being burned to ash it's basically just carbon residue nothing else really which is why you cannot get DNA samples from cremated remains.

Charred meat is a carcinogen. I'm assuming eating ashes would have the same effect. It probably wouldn't kill you but it's definitely not good for you either.

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Right, so if you have tendencies of chasing cars and sticking your head out the window... It might be more than you just being an idiot.