By The Corner Of Death - 12/08/2013 08:17 - United States - Spring

Today, my dog died. In the same kitchen corner that two of my other dogs have died. I have a "Corner Of Death" in my kitchen. FML
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Dogs go someplace comfortable when they know they are dying. The corner made them all happy.


Whoever said YDI needs to check what they click before the click and/or be more compassionate.

I agree. There's no way anyone could deserve that. Some people just have no heart.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

There are people who will click YDI for no reason whatsoever. I've read some pretty sad fml's where clicking YDI makes 0 sense.

Some people accidentally mis-click :( curse having dirty phone cases.

ViRepz 28

I still don't see how this convo has anything to do with #1's comment.

LithFlavored 10

Some people do it for the badge

assassinbanana0 20

Why spend money on a new phone case because you accidentally click ydi? If it really is that serious, Take the phone case off before submitting a response

bfsd42 20

51, it's all too common for people to thread jack the first comment. Wouldn't it be great if we could send these comments to the end of the line for skipping?

Dogs go someplace comfortable when they know they are dying. The corner made them all happy.

Yea, similar to how elephants all migrate to an elephant graveyard before they die.

You can either call it a death corner or put a positive spin on it...

Any of my pets that have died or that we had to put to sleep have either climbed into my lap lied their head on my lap or lied so they against me or just touching me as much as they could

Yeah, it's probably just a quieter area, a little bit out of the way and not too hot or cold. Somewhere comfortable. Sorry for your loss though OP.

Are there hyenas hanging out in this graveyard?

\ 28

Yes. Their names are Shenzi, Benzi, and Ed.

#37 Aww... That must've been heartbreaking! :(

Hey, hey, hey. Dont I take you back?

Gothicbunnyx3 16

#37 that's terrible, I have emotionally attachment to my fish.. I can't handle losing a pet.

finalfantasyftw 10

@37 that's really cute but really creepy at the same time.

Legend has it that a boy who was named the "Bad Boy" always stood in that corner. He now lives there, and will kill anyone who nears

Dogs are known for trying I find a place not near people to die in, it's in their nature.

Goblin182 26

Apparently my dogs think a busy street is a good place to be alone to die.

That was a horrible joke. And I feel even more horrible laughing so hard at it.

Why am I laughing? DAMNIT, I'm a sick person...

Obey_StudBoii 23

#29 Lol! I can't stop laughing

Put something which attracts mosquitos in the corner.

Why? Seems to me that'll just create another problem.

I think #9 was hinting that it would kill the mosquitos. or he is promoting the corner of death =

You're right. Take advantage of it, OP.

Remodel and put a cabinet or refrigerator in that corner.

Agreed. There's most likely nothing wrong with the corner, but when animals die they tend to go to a quiet place. When my dog died she went and laid down behind the couch, for example. That corner of the kitchen is probably just quiet and out of the way.

Who wants a bunch of dead refrigerators?

Wizardo 33

Maybe he was chilling with the spirits of your other dogs and was asking 'Is dying painful?', to which one of them replied 'Its faster than falling asleep'...

Time to store the rat poison somewhere else

RedPillSucks 31

That's exactly what I was thinking. Perhaps OP should check out the corner more closely. Maybe the exterminator sprays there more often than elsewhere.

Two options: Caution tape, so nobody walks into that corner and dies, or get a sign, like the ones they have for wet floors and such, that says: WARNING MAY CAUSE DEATH.

You should be more worried about the ghosts!

hcollins1 18

Those doggy ghosts are quite vengeful. They're the ones you want to look out for!

Oh yeah, always barking at poltergeists and such... Terrible.