By jessica071509 - 24/04/2012 05:42 - United States - Phoenix

Today, my new dog unburied my old dog and chewed on his bones. FML
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a weird form of recycling....


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Giggity? Your comment made the post more disturbing, like it involves sitophilia and necrophilia.

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Whatever floats your boat, sick bastard

I laughed, I laughed, this deserves a thumbs up :) lmao

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Bashing on a perfectly fine comment? I'd say YOU'RE the loser. Stop being an ass.

PYLrulz 17

58 is just pissed off he couldn't say it first.

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I believe the correct term is *trolling.

3- Literally! ... A little creepy though 0.0

I totally thought of insanity wolf when I read this FML.

You're dog is undergoing symptoms of....the zombie apocalypse! Hehe

bones are bones regardless of their source i suppose...

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That happened to our neighbors dog

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a weird form of recycling....

6- darn. HoboSmeller you beat me to it. Now I will go sit in my corner and cry for an hour :'(

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One dog's corpse is another dogs treat?

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That happened to me... But with my bunny :(

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Do you mean you were trying on your bunny when someone reached into your changing room and stole your bunny?

I thought all bunnies liked mutilating children, whether you've fed them ham or not? :O

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I kinda love the way this FML is phrased, but yeah, FYL, no one needs to see that.

Had to read this twice. When I first read this I thought it said YOU dug up your old dog and chewed on his bones. It was quite disturbing.

Yeah I thought the same and almost chose YDI but then was like say whaaat?