By jessica071509 - 24/04/2012 05:42 - United States - Phoenix

Today, my new dog unburied my old dog and chewed on his bones. FML
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22cute 17

A dog eat dog world, eh?

HoboSmeller 6

a weird form of recycling....


hahachun 4

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Giggity? Your comment made the post more disturbing, like it involves sitophilia and necrophilia.

stevieb123 7


PYLrulz 17

Whatever floats your boat, sick bastard

I laughed, I laughed, this deserves a thumbs up :) lmao

71- this deserves a thumbs down.

22cute 17

A dog eat dog world, eh?

jcrotty19 4

Very creative loser

Bashing on a perfectly fine comment? I'd say YOU'RE the loser. Stop being an ass.

PYLrulz 17

58 is just pissed off he couldn't say it first.

Jakesterk96 8

I believe the correct term is *trolling.

3- Literally! ... A little creepy though 0.0

-58 Very creative, troll.

I totally thought of insanity wolf when I read this FML.

You're dog is undergoing symptoms of....the zombie apocalypse! Hehe

I bet that was disturbing!

Like the FML where coyotes were digging up the buried horse. Sorry OP, RIP again puppy!

Nah! OP just sat there and smiled.

You don't say?

77, I do say.

bones are bones regardless of their source i suppose...

gurly98 13

That happened to our neighbors dog

HoboSmeller 6

a weird form of recycling....

6- darn. HoboSmeller you beat me to it. Now I will go sit in my corner and cry for an hour :'(

jonnied23 20

One dog's corpse is another dogs treat?

katcot99 11

That happened to me... But with my bunny :(

You comment on everything.

katcot99 11

No my dog dug up my bunny

The world isn't technically free.

perdix 29

Do you mean you were trying on your bunny when someone reached into your changing room and stole your bunny?

I thought all bunnies liked mutilating children, whether you've fed them ham or not? :O

katcot99 11

111, lol no?

Sparks808 10

I kinda love the way this FML is phrased, but yeah, FYL, no one needs to see that.

laurenobrien 4

Bad doggy

No, good doggy.

laurenobrien 4

How is that good?

Failed one it seems.

Had to read this twice. When I first read this I thought it said YOU dug up your old dog and chewed on his bones. It was quite disturbing.

Yeah I thought the same and almost chose YDI but then was like say whaaat?