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Today, my dog died. My parents told me to bury it out back. In the process, I managed to dig up my cat. FML
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NeverShoutDana 13

Aww :(

yummycupkake 0

this reminds me of that Fairy Odd Parents episode when Timmy's pets come back from their grave (his backyard)band torture him :P


NeverShoutDana 13

Aww :(

Ryan0510 0

Bury them together, :)

coffeygirl12 14

aw :( thats horiblee.

you should not have animals...

Don't go any further; you might find your long-lost pet hamster.

Wow 16, I had a dog die if natural causes and does that me I should not have pets?

wintamint101 7

that's disgusting

that's how we did it back in 'nam

nothing like some black lab on the grill.

XxAndyasphixiate 1

Dude STFU. You obviously don't know what care or love is. Pretty sure you never get any either. You're a disgusting piece of crap. This is OP's feelings we're talking about here.

Andy, try taking the stick out of your ass before commenting. It's a joke and nothing more, even if you don't find it funny. Being irreverent is part of the comment section. If you can't take the heat, get out of the sweatbox.

IronMaiden45 0

who's all up for becoming cannibals so we could BBQ ever1luvsboners instead?

MerrikBarbarian 9

can I keep the bones after? if so I'm all for it! I'd love a human in my collection! ;p

Don't wish the garden was "Full of life" either. As far you know, that garden is on top of a pet cemetery. O_o (there was a television reference here)

There's a good pussy... cat joke here somewhere I just couldn't make it fit.

oh sorry I ment it as you already lost 2, it would kinda be sad to have the possiblity of losing more.

your pussy was all dirty

at least it didn't end with "I managed to dig up my cat that they said ran away when I was younger." FML

garrettsgirl 0

do you kill every animal you get?

yummycupkake 0

this reminds me of that Fairy Odd Parents episode when Timmy's pets come back from their grave (his backyard)band torture him :P

IndiRae 9

63, every pet I get dies. Animals die, just like humans. Unless you have some elixir of life that you feed your pets, then yours will die too. It doesn't make one a bad pet owner if a pet dies, it just means it was their pets time.

My cat got eaten by coyotes I only found her collar with blood on it. I don't want to hear anything about your dead animals.

IndiRae 9

I used the word 'pet' so much in that paragraph that it doesn't even sound like a word anymore. pet pet pet...

IndiRae 9

Oh so OP can't mourn over a lost pet because your pets death was more violent? That seems logical.

IndiRae 9

98- who?

I'm sorry but u have THEE cutest profile picture ever!!!!! lol =)

omg I hate people who have to make a pussy joke any time anyone mentions a cat, it's not funny at all, it's kinda lame

141- stop being a pussy.. it's funny hahaha

whybother8 0

people have no hearts :(

some_shit 0

multiple pet deaths is not a good sign

garrettsgirl 0

81 I'm not saying OP is a bad owner I'm just saying their dig died and ironically while burying the dog they found another pet, saying does ur animals you get all die? and yes I understand all things die but irony seemed to be played in thus comment.

I've had lots of animals that when they died we bury them in the backyard, that would be so disturbing to dig up a pet that was buried!

monkeebalz 0

keep digging and you will find more dead pets and eventually fossilized dinosaurs

gandhislayer 6

well thats a shitty situation!

IndiRae 9

169- look up irony in the dictionary and try again.

Lets face it OP, life just hates you

You know I'm not going to be a Boners hater because I love the dudes comments (usually). But.. That's just not right man

If you only found its collar how the hell do you know it was eaten by coyotes?

adam797 0

eventually, thats how it works

ryry98 7!:(

kalabunga 0

that's sad

BigHoshJosh 0

atleast they can rest in peace together. just like old times

Sounds like a grave situation.

zombie cat vs zombie dog. probably not a good idea to bury them in the same yard haha

enonymous 8

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lidemocr 0


That's actually pretty funny, I like the darker kind of humor.

visage 0

I admit.... I giggled! Thumbs up from me!

visage 0

I admit.... I giggled! Thumbs up from me!

Mrrevorp 0

lmao! tragic humor haha great stuff

BigHoshJosh 0

I wanna laugh but I'm afraid I'll go to hell if I do so.... shame on you..... I can't help myself hahahaha

katieklein 0

she probley found grandpa!

zachattack112492 4

normally this comment would be over 100 thumbs down, but for some reason... it's just... soo... WINNING

ElainaCutsYou 0

you are a great man. simple as that.

Haha that's funny, what about grandpa?

Cryingraven 1

muahahahaha was the 200 like :p

noelykins1 19

Was the killer of even numbers and was tge 201st liker

ospeltz 0

your a dick

dude, grow the fuck up..

you ruined the joke... thanks asshole

ashlyn88 0

lololol !!

uFayel 6

And I favourite this fml for this comment.

poor cat? its dead. poor OP having to be reminded of it

ILove2Lol 0

they made YOU bury the dog?? awww):

eog314 0

I want to say something witty but this story is too sad. sorry op :(

Agreed. Hugs for the OP. Losing a beloved family member, even of the nonhuman variety, hurts a lot. Being reminded of the old hurt whilst feeling grief for another pet must be even worse.

That's why they invented headstones.

jake3292 5

well maybe they didn't want a mini grave yard in there backyard in case they would sell the house

I think headstones are expensive, if I had a chance to bury my pets I would get some tho :) I love my pets enough to give them a funeral but my mum always wants to cremate them D:

*pet semetary (was a book first) maybe the cat will come back to life... Just hope she doesn't try it with her little brother next...

you can have a funeral for cremated pets...

yes cause everyone wants to have random stones that say who died and where there buried in their backyard

If I had a headstone 4 every dead animal buried in my back yard it would b insanely cramped, chickens, cats, dogs, fish, turtles, hamsters :o and who gets pet headstones anyways?? weird..

AcidRaen 4

it doesnt have to be big like one you find in a cemetary. they could've decorated a big rock and placed it where the cat was so they knew where it was so this could have been avoided. sorry OP ): losing a pet is always hard. i miss my first dog and its been at least 7 years since she passed ):

lendalynn 5

oh that's rough

My worst nightmare. ):

poor puppy :(

Your comment goes with your pic sort of