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  Siji  |  0

Don't wish the garden was "Full of life" either.
As far you know, that garden is on top of a pet cemetery. O_o (there was a television reference here)

  IndiRae  |  9

63, every pet I get dies. Animals die, just like humans. Unless you have some elixir of life that you feed your pets, then yours will die too. It doesn't make one a bad pet owner if a pet dies, it just means it was their pets time.

  garrettsgirl  |  0

81 I'm not saying OP is a bad owner I'm just saying their dig died and ironically while burying the dog they found another pet, saying does ur animals you get all die? and yes I understand all things die but irony seemed to be played in thus comment.

  rattusrattus  |  18

Agreed. Hugs for the OP. Losing a beloved family member, even of the nonhuman variety, hurts a lot. Being reminded of the old hurt whilst feeling grief for another pet must be even worse.

  ugliness  |  6

I think headstones are expensive, if I had a chance to bury my pets I would get some tho :) I love my pets enough to give them a funeral but my mum always wants to cremate them D:


If I had a headstone 4 every dead animal buried in my back yard it would b insanely cramped, chickens, cats, dogs, fish, turtles, hamsters :o and who gets pet headstones anyways?? weird..

  AcidRaen  |  4

it doesnt have to be big like one you find in a cemetary. they could've decorated a big rock and placed it where the cat was so they knew where it was so this could have been avoided. sorry OP ): losing a pet is always hard. i miss my first dog and its been at least 7 years since she passed ):